06 November 2006

Living perplexed with a news

One fine morning I got up from bed, late. It was a Monday morning and already the ‘Blues started haunting me.

Without even making the bed, I grabbed the newspaper, anticipating some holiday announcement. Father shouted, “Wash your face, make your bed and then read it, it’s all the same you know, nothing new or nothing special.” With no mood to say a word in reverse to him, I went in reluctantly, finished my morning duties and came back to see if some politician is dead or if some terrorist planted a bomb in my office or something like that… but to my surcprise I read the following news : “A software Engineer was riding a two wheeler without wearing a helmet on the Ring Road and ended hitting the median. Bleeding through the head, he died on spot.” I thought, ‘Oh! You poor creature! Why did you first of all travel to work on a Sunday of all the days’ and continued reading.

The paper read the poor creature’s name as Srikanth P. I was horrified! I rubbed my eyes yet again, and read. I was not wrong, it was the same name. I screamed loud. Father came back, “Oh! Are you not up still? What’s that noise?” ‘Oh! Me.. He can hear me! But what’s written here?!’ I was perplexed at what I was reading and could not believe that I was dead!!

A sense of freedom erupted in me. I was now free to do anything, no need to go to office, no need to have my morning coffee and perform all those idiocy. I could now run over the Bangalore traffic with no one noticing me! I need not pay fine for breaking a rule, I can speak to those whom I love in the ‘Sixth sense’ type and have fun all alone… ‘Oh! Why no one can be so fortunate like me….’!

Then there came the voice “What did I tell you yesterday? I asked you to bring some vegetables from the market on your way back. How could you forget?” It was my Mother asking a reason for my failing the duty…. How could I explain her that I was no more a mortal and no food would ever be needed by me..! Pity of her…she still thinks I’m to follow what she tells me… I am no more entitled to any such harsh words, even from my Mother. I tried the ‘Gayab’ style, tried to elope into the wind, but could not, so had to answer my Mother. I thought I was still an amateur and so that art(of eloping) would be embracing me in some time, after much practice.

Then I got a weird thought, how if I meet a girl who is also dead. Oh! Ours would be a beautiful life together..!

I thought someone was pushing me hard from my back, turned and found my sister bating me for not having the coffee that was getting cold. ‘You fool!! I no more need your dirty coffee, I have my life open, lively and lovely! How would you know? Poor fellow.’ I wanted to tell her, but didn’t for reasons that she would get angered early morning and all that.

But then my mobile started ringing, all three at home started abusing me for wasting the morning idly and asked me to pick the call up. My sister peeked in to see who was on line. I was wondering what is it all, the ‘dead’ life, about? Why should I pick the call? She was holding her coffee that incidentally touched me. I felt something hot scratching my arm and cried ‘Ah! What’s that?’ She said, “Your BOSS on line, tell him that you’re still on bed dreaming!!” I picked the call, he asked me to come fast to the office so that I’d be in time to attend the phone-in conference. Suddenly I was on my toes and got ready and started to the office. I forgot that I was dead and all.

But when I was about to put on my helmet, I remembered the news item….and started with flash back. ‘I was not attending office yesterday at the first place, and moreover, to reach my office, I need not take the ring road, and of all, I never travel without a helmet’!!

I went in again and snatched the newspaper from my sister and read the news item again. It clearly said that the guy called Srikanth P was a native of Andhra Pradesh and worked with some company in White field, and was much elder in age to me…!

Uffff! I’m alive…”

P.S. I pray in God that the other Srikanth P’s soul be rest in Peace.


bellur said...

so no RIP.....only LIP! (Live in Peace).

Srik said...

Yeah Bellur,

That news was a real embarrassing one. I really touched down my palm to the Earth to sense if i was really alive!! And now I thought LIP would be a better word! And when I logged into your blog the same day, you'd posted that dealing with Death stuff!!! OMG, I thouhgt!!

December Stud said...


You took such a serious story and put a HUGE spin....I am still laughing (well, I think this writing deserves a good laugh).

I do hope the other Srikanth's family can come to terms with the untimely demise.

But, man your story...well...I am still laughing.

Srik said...

December Stud,
I'd like to call you DS. Is that okay?

Yeah It was a serious story, but the common name changed this story!!

Vani said...

Uff, What a story, Srik....

So you were looking for a girl bhoota to keep you company. Not bad.

Anyway, a timely reminder for everyone of us travelling on two-wheelers to wear our helmets.

Srik said...

how bad you calling me Bhoota :-(

Helmet baLisi, taleyannu uLisi!!

December Stud said...


Yep DS is perfectly fine guruvE...it's not like I am 60 ;)

Anonymous said...

Srik, Touching story on hamlet...
how could one fulfill enjoying nature view sorry traffic view while i was on ride wearing a helmet.

Srik said...

Thanks DS

In that case, I guess u need to travel by bus or walk along or buy a car :-)

Gini said...

He he he. Bhoota indeed. I guess you found a bhoota at work though (your boss ;)).

Srik said...

My boss is not all that devilish ;)

your comment now made think of that situation when I'll be the boss of my own little team here!! :) Let me Hallucinate that someother time. :D

Thanks for visiting, Keep coming back.

Prasanna L.M said...

hi srikant, You have a nice blog. I read most of your articles. Especially the one on malgudi and this helmet one was great. keep up the good work..

Srik said...

Thanks Prasanna for visiting and liking my scribble here :)
Do keep coming back.

Read your blog, and ur words on Annavru brought tears to eyes, and not to mention your technical tidbits, wonderful!!

reborn said...

Funny thoughts u had .. but are nt you glad you are alive ? :)

Srik said...

Yes, and relieved!!

I was just learning to live the dead life, but then life reminded me that Im not one still :-)

Thanks fr complimenting my wierd thoughts as good :-)

opinionated indian said...

Awesome post...loved it.

Srik said...

Glad you liked it.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Honoured, Sir.
You have a great blog :)
Keep visiting here.

opinionated indian said...

@ Srik

I will for sure. Thanks for the compliments :)

Srik said...

Read your Bengalooru v/s Bangalore post. It was an interesting debate there with DS.
If we start debating on some issues like these, there wouldnt be any end to it.
As far as I am concerned, I have some questions in my mind with no answers whatsoever.

1. Should Raam Mandir be built on the same piece of land at Ayodhya?
If I say Yes, then there are thousands of such temples across the country.
If I say No, it means that I have no sensitivity for the trauma my forefathers underwent in this country.

2. Should we remove our colonial mask?
If I say no, I'd be meaning I don't have any respect for my inherited culture,
If I say Yes, then I should not be speaking English, playing cricket, travelling in train...

3. Should we be guilty of Gujrat massacre in 2003?
If I say Yes, it means my own people did, and the victims are not my people.
If I say No......then why blame Hindus(Indians in general) in the international forums?

4. My vote matters??
I have no answer at all!!

Similarly, will there be any change if the name is changed, there wouldn't be. Sun will raise as he is today, IT influx reamins constant or raise further,
for it didn't come here becuase of the beautiful name 'Bangalore', but for the beautiful city Bangalore or Bengalooru whatever.

Until Bengalooru has good knowledge base, it would be the out-source capital in the world. Whether it is Bangalored or Bengaloorued...doesnt matter.

I dont defend the name change, but trying to interpret that some issues are better kept out of our minds. I hope I made my point here.

opinionated indian said...


I am glad you found it interesting. I'd have preferred if you had commented on the original post, rather than here. I'll still answer though.

Clarification first: My issue is not with the name, Bangalore or Bengalooru. Frankly, I don't give a flying f@#k about what the city is called. My issue is with the logic that these idiotic politicians, not to mention URA, are using to fool the public and how many of them are getting sucked into it. My issue is with the radical "kannadisation", if you could call it that, that is being forced on people, who are living there. Bottom line, all of us are Indians. I feel sad when people don't understand that. URA says -"A name change would serve to awaken the consciousness of people to the existing inequality“. That is what I have an objection with. Don't take me for a fool. Don't ask me to cover myself with the same blanket of ignorance, coz I won’t.

Coming to your questions:

1) No, Ram Mandir should not be built on that disputed land. If someone in the past, committed a mistake by tearing down the temple and building a mosque, it does not mean we have a free hand to repeat the same mistake on that excuse. Two wrongs do not make a right. If at all, build a hospital there and treat both Hindus and Muslims, not to mention, Christians like me over there. But no, that'd be too much to ask for.

2) I don't think there is a colonial mask at all. We should let go of these tendencies of acting like we are still oppressed, just like the white countries should shed their colonial and imperialistic attitudes.

3) Neither Hindus nor Muslims did it in Gujarat. Some sick politicians with their twisted agendas tricked people into acting like demons and they were rightfully demonized. Look beyond the boundaries of religion. Each religion teaches us the same things. Don't steal. Don't hurt anyone. Don't lie. Help others.

4) Your vote matters - Absolutely yes. Just more people need to start believing that it does and contribute, rather than sitting idly while these idiots rampage and turn ourselves against each other for their own personal agendas. I've been talking to people here in Canada- professors from the University of Toronto, who've been to Bangalore, Mysore, Jaipur, Delhi, Bombay, Madras on teaching stints. You know what they say - It is a miracle that we are a democratic country with 1 billion people. With so many different castes and cultures and sub cultures and languages. These politicians are trying to divide us and we are falling for it like a bunch of fools.

The last few paras of your comment have already been answered above- in my clarifications.

mouna said...

what about a song, to you and your girl ghost, 'tangaaLi yalli naanu teli bande... oh iniyaaa... nannu serilu baa....'

with the background score of course!

Srik said...

oh! Mauna(silence),
You are not just a silent creature, but also a silent killer as u seem to be :D:D

BTW, thanks for the song dedication :-)

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts were really funny I laughed to the core..

I always feel driving is safer than riding, I donno know it may be jst a mind set


Srik said...

I love a bike more than a car, may be because I dont own a car yet :D

But to tell you, the feel of a biking is totally missing in driving...whichever the car might be.

It also depends on the individual mind set as you say.

Anand Balaji said...

Hey Srik!

Nice to learn you're "undead".

Anand Balaji said...

I read this blog post again and found it morbid, yet entertaining!