29 June 2007


When on Ninety-nine, one doesn’t feel all that good. I know, and have that experience. For that 'One' run makes all that difference. Hundred is a relief, and a great feeling.

Frustrating Ninety-nine usually fools people off. Some batsmen get out meekly at this score. Some old people die at Ninety-nine.

For people who cross 100, they care little for further things, either hit or get hurt. The world starts from one for them, then.

And from today, I will be in that league too. I will start afresh, with a feeling of getting past a milestone, with loads of experience and good amount of learning.

Nope...I'm not turning 100 yet, but the backbencher's page is getting to be 100 posts older now...

Well.. I complete a HUNDRED with a beautiful poem written by my friend. A poem that speaks out my heart felt feeling, that is straight from heart for that special person..for that special ingenuity!!

This poem was published in a Hindi magazine some time ago. I am glad that this is making its presence on backbencher's page also!

Rakesh... Thanks buddy!
- Srik.

" मै क्यो लिखू ? "

क्या __
जरूरी है, लिखना तुम्है समझाने को
इतने नादान भी नही तुम कि
बुझ ना सको मेरे पैमाने को ।

क्या __
माँ ममत्व लिखकर दर्शाती है,
नही _ वो तो कलापों से ममत्व झलकाती है ।

क्या __
भंवरा लिखता है अपने अफसाने को,
नही _ वो तो केवल गुनगुनाता है प्रॆम दर्शाने को।

क्या __
पतंगा लिखता है अपना प्रॆम किसी परवाने को,
नही _ वो तो सहर्ष जल जाता है अपना प्रॆम दर्शाने को।

तो मै क्यो
लिखूँ तुम्हें बतलाने को
तुम भी तो इतने नादान नही कि
बुझ ना सको मेरे पैमाने को ।

28 June 2007


I never thought I would some day write about a Telugu movie. But here I am..since I liked it a lot!!

The movie is aptly titled ‘Godavari’.

A melodrama that slowly unravels before you with a fascinating back drop.

It is a usual love story, threaded with emotions, effervescent comedy, a hero with a purpose, modern day lady, a cynical depiction of politicians, a criminal amidst good people, and many more masala…

But this also has a fathoming beauty about it that wins one’s heart. Yes, I mean this is a movie for one’s heart, not to the mind. You will feel satisfied and happy at the end of it all.

Plot of Godavari is..

An MS from USA, wants to get on to social service in India. He treis at some political parties. As predictable, a politician resume needs more things, than just interest, and the parties ignore him. But he is hopeful of a turnaround, and continues with his local servicing acts. He is our hero here.

He has a friend in his uncle’s daughter Raji. Her marriage is now fixed with some Ravindra, an IPS officer. Our hero, Raam wants to marry Raji, and Raji has not arrived at a decission in this regard. She is such a character that she cant decide any thing on her own. She always has a dual mind over anything.

In a parallel depiction, a modern day adventurous lady is growing in an other part of the city. She wants to be a self-sufficient lady, doesn’t want to settle down easily in life. She is of that flair that she would like to see her as a mature woman, unlike the work-draw salary-make home kind of.

Out of her parent’s pressure, she zeros in on a guy, who has only one request to get the marriage done in Bhadrachalam. But the guy rejects her. She however wants to take a Bhadrachalam trip, over Godavari river on a boat.

Co-incidence here is the family of Raji with Raam and others are also on the move in the same boat towards Bhadrachalam for her marriage. And the real fun starts here.

Daily lives of the locals in and around the boat has gotten realistic presence in it. Their attitudes has been shown with their local language. Direction and screen play gets gripping from this point.
Raam is broken heart as his sweetheart is getting married to a different person. At this juncture, Seethamalakshmi, the heroin gives him good company. Both of them get closer as the journey progresses… Seetha gets attracted towards the mannerisms and attitude of Raam, that matches brilliantly with hers own. As and when she would go forward in expressing her feelings, a twist occurs and that breaks her heart.
Twist is..Rajy approaches Raam and declares that she wanted to marry him, to his surprise. And appearantly he seems to have agreed to this proposal, as he always wanted to marry her. He leaves the boat at a place and asks Rajy to wait for him in the next stop, where they could get married. With some strange turn of events, Seetha gets involved in this affair. She has a feeling that Raji is not suitable for her hero, by any means!

However, they all wait at the next stop, Raam never turns up. But the boat arrives with worried parents and people about the safety of the missing bride. Rajy at this moment, changes her mind and asks Seetha to forget what happened. Seetha, though happy that Raam and Rajy are not coming together, develops a sad feeling that Raam has betrayed her by accepting to marry Rajy and not turning up there.

They all reach Bhadrachalam, and Seetha returns to Hyderabad in a bus this time, gives no chance for Raam to explain the matters.

However, Raam finds a dairy of Seetha in the boat, gets to her house on return to Hyd, and declares to her all that he had to… and they unite at the end, as a victory of true love.

Though simple is the plot, the melodramatic narration and a different romantic feel will take you to a fantacy world. The slow paced narration makes you feel as if we are traveling along the boat…
An attractive movie. If you can get your hands on it, try to watch and get asorbed in a different romantic world of Godavari.

25 June 2007

A Week that………wasn’t

Prashanth and I were planning all thru last week for a Saturday ride to some place. There were arguments, discussions, debates, confusions on what place to choose for a day’s ride, and also over the itinerary.

Finally it was decided that we ride to MagaDi and from there to Huliyur Durga and back in Bangalore by evening…. As and when we were getting ready for the Sun-ride to these places, there came a phone call from Dwarka, which pushed us back to square one again. He had queried about our interests in joining him for a ride to Ooty. We were in two minds, whether to continue as we planned or to join him in this latest extravaganza, which had a longer ride, for which we were not prepared.

I ruled out a two day ride since I had to be home on Sunday to accompany my cousins who were coming from Mysore over the weekend. Prashanth also had similar plans for Sunday.

I suggested Prashanth that we join them in their ride, but up to Gundlupet, from where we visit Gopalaswami betta and de-ride to be in Bangalore by evening, which seemed to have convinced him as well. We put forth the same plan before Dwarka, by which time some of his friends had opted out of Ooty plans. So, he instantly agreed to our plans, and it was all set that we four be riding to Gopalaswami betta alone, fourth rider being Murali.

5 AM we assembled at Mysore Road – Ring Road junction in Bangalore. Murali took some time in reaching there. So, finally, at 5:30 we started our bikes.

Me on my pulsar150, Prashanth on his pulsar150, Dwarka on his Yamaha RD350 and Murali on his shogun, were now ready for this extravaganza. It was agreed up on that ring road junction at Mysore would be our first stop, and we hit the road.

As the early morning breeze swept past us, we dissected the same. The Bangalore Mysore high way is one of the best in the country. Being aware of this fact, we were breezing away along it. The road offered us nice memorabilia. Rocky hills on one side, shrubby grooves on the opposite side, beautifully laid road in front of us, smooth was the ride. We could feel the gush of the wind, occasional sight of a truck or a traveler’s vehicle along the journey. Most of the times, it was me and only me in the vicinity. We were getting hooked to our bikes and pushed it hard to match the wind…

Ride offered us everything we sought after. Soft rays of Sun started pricking my eyes, at Chennapattana. My helmet was without a visor, which gave in to the lash of rains after a hard battle with it, last time. So, I could feel the prick. Flowers on the plants that were grown on the divider of the road made a great panorama there. A paced vehicle, a serene atmosphere around, with a rising Sun, had in it the magic of a passionate first kiss.

We had a smooth uninterrupted ride till Mysore. It was time for us to take a break and assemble to hatch out further plans. I reached first, in no time came Dwarka followed by Murali. Prashanth came next, in a minute. We assembled and took a break. Watch showed that it were 55 minutes past 6 then. We had taken 85 minutes exactly to cover 141KMs between Bangalore and Mysore.

Four minutes later, we started. When we started at Bangalore, we had thought of a Mysore breakfast. But, since it was too early for it, we pushed it to Nanjanagud.

In another 25 minutes, we were at Nanjanagud. Searched for a hotel and braked for Tiffin. Had enough food that would enable us another few hours, till we come back from betta. Life was slowly waking up in this part of the world at this hour.

It was 8AM. We put the riding gears on and started the road hunt again. We had to cover 36KMs to reach Gundlupet, from where Gopalaswami betta is 15KMs away.

Passing thru the paddy and sugar cane fields, over the bridges on rivers, breezing past the huge trees, barren lands, small mountains, the grazing cattle, rushing school children, stunning landscapes, It was a meaningful morning.

They say a passion awakens one’s inner senses, and it does, in real.

Few KMs past Gundlupet, an arch welcomed us, and directed us to take a right turn to reach the betta. It was also mentioned there that betta was 10KMs away. We took a turn to get ourselves treated with an amazing view of a hill that was half covered with mist. It took us no time in guessing that it was our destination.

A sense of pleasure, pride and amusement was on the offer as we were getting closer to our hunt. We stopped for a quick photo session with this amazing backdrop.

We stopped at the check post before entering the hills. A forest guard wrote down our bike registration numbers in a book, charged us a fee to enter and allowed us get in. It was another 5KMs of up-hill ride that was left. The guard asked us to drop a fellow, who was waiting there, at the temple. He became my pillion for the last part of the journey.

As the rest of us crept past on the bumpy road with good speed, I struggled initially balancing the bike, which carried two people now.

I noticed excreta of elephants on the road. Amazed, I asked my pillion to explain it. He went on telling me that there were innumerable elephants in that area. He looked down the valley, and declared the sighting of a few elephants in it. Sadly, I could not sight any in the valley. He stated that he was able to see a crowd of elephants, some small and some big!! I was confused, and thought that continuous ride had blinded me off farther things. At the second thought I told myself that this fellow was all lies to impress me!

I concentrated further in the valley, couldn’t locate even a single elephant. But then, one push of mud was observed. Keenly I saw, and then there was an elephant that was playing with mud there. My friend was right; there were elephants all across the valley!! I could see all of them, in all the directions. In the creep, next to a rock, pushing off a tree, every here and there I could see elephants, some huge, some young!!

My happiness had no bounds. I suddenly remembered sighting a couple of sambhar animals in the Kuduremukha in May. Now, I had another animal to add to my list of seeing it in its natural habitat, this time from a view point, of course. In Kuduremukha, the deer had dissected my way, they saw me too, and were gazing at me for a moment before understanding the seriousness of the moment!! Fortunate me, the deer was sighted at some tens of feet from me.

Beaming with happiness, I started the trek on my bike again. In another five minutes, we reached the top. I could barely visualize the scene. It was all foggy, filled with mist. Wind with high speed was blowing the things away there. Trees dangling in accordance with the wind, dancing to its tunes were visible all around. Parking the bike, I searched for my friends. They were taking shelter in an old structure, shielding themselves from the crazy winds.

A view of Gopalaswamy betta at 10AM.

With this brilliant atmosphere in the offing, we felt that all our efforts of reaching there were really worth them, and meaningful too. It was like we were getting a feel of the mist, moisture, rains, cloud….all at once.

There was no bound to our blissful feeling. It was a marvelous feeling. After a brief rest, we took a walk along the blowing wind on the mountain. It was as if we were walking on cloud 9!!

We took a round around the temple, and found a place to sit and freshen ourselves. The moving clouds below us took away all our strenuous existence at that moment. A divine feeling was energizing us all. We were happy that we made it all the way, to experience it. What we get out of a passionate drive to such a lovely place is unexplainable.

The valley after the clouds are cleared, at noon.

We had to wait patiently for our turn in the temple, as it was crowded. Temple of Sree Gopalaswami is a treat to the eyes. Cool atmosphere gives it a brilliant spiritual feel. Idol of the deity is a superb architectural splendor. Krishna with flute in the play is surrounded by the Gopikas. They say that the idol is always covered by snow. The priest touches the head of the idol and draws a bit of snow to be sprinkled on every devotee. It is another wonderful art, by nature itself. No one can explain how this dip in temperature happens, inside the sanctum sanctorum. This gives the name “Himavad Gopalaswami temple”. It is a wonderful treat to one’s senses. A detailed pooja was performed by the priest. Our entire wait and the time spent in side the temple was worth it, million times.

By Noon we thought it was wise to head back to Bangalore. We filled the petrol at Gundlupet, and rode non-stop till Mysore. At 2PM, we stopped for food at Dasaprakash hotel. Had satisfying lunch, discussing about the journey and the experience.

3 PM Started towards Bangalore. Prashanth took a deviation from Maddur to Kunigal, and we three rode past it to reach Bangalore.

4:40 PM I reached home, and so did the others around the same time.

A small ride was in the initial plan, but it turned out to be a total of 440KMs of ride with enthralling effect.

As I entered home, my mother literally touched me to see if she was not dreaming!! It was such a superb ride that would go down in my memory lane, to be saved for relishing further thru the life’s journey.

Note : Last week, I was on vacation..so, the week that didn’t start for me…hence…it was A week…that wasn’t. Now, I'm back.

15 June 2007

Mind boggling Sirimane falls

Rajesh Naik referred to a pic in one of my old posts, and thus reminded me of a wild experience that I went thru last year. Thanks Rajesh.

Following is an account of this experience of mine.

Attempt : We were three, I was adamant on trekking to this falls, and my friends were not in line with me, since it was pouring like anything. So, I took up the task of enquiring at the autowalahs if they could take us there. I was disappointed to hear a "NO", all of them I asked, replied the same. So, I resorted, but I hatched an agreement with my friends to accompany me till Kigga at least, we were in Sringeri, and this was on Aug14th, 2006.

Reason for these autowallahs not falling in line with me was, bad roads and rains!!

Kigga : Disappointed, we took a bus to Kigga. Visited the temple, had good time walking on the lichen infected temple complex. I was still thinking of a miracle, that would enable me to reach Sirimane.

Wet temple complex at Kigga

In the process, I made some friends with a few localites. I explained them how I wish to travel to Sirimane falls in rains..They told me that it was dangerous to walk all the way without any guide, it would be just 6Kms though. But they told me that there was an auto driver, lone in that village, who could take us there in his auto.

Instantly my ears got straightened, I said help me find him... Shopkeeper in front of the temple gave me his phone number, also called him from his shop itself, since our mobiles were out of the coverage area. I requested the auto guy to take us there, he asked us to wait for 30 mins before he reached Kigga.

I was jumping with joy, but was still thinking of a rain walk all thru the 6KMs, that was not to be, with some moronic partners. At least got a chance to furnish my dream of bathing in a waterfall with rains blessing from above!!

We waited, and it was taking my breath away..I suggested we be walking down, let the autowalah come and pick us on the way. All rejected my offer. Lo! He came..and we started.

Auto Journey : On the way, we saw a survey team doing something near a school building at a small village. We didn’t stop to enquire, but continued. Rains started, this time heavily.

My friends started cribbing, "See...this journey is getting wilder and you wanted to walk all the way.." and then some abuse!!

Roller coaster Auto ride

Road was, in fact, it was not a road, just a path in the wild...was getting smaller as the time flew. Auto's wiper was split into two pieces, at one place where a branch from a dangling tree kissed it. And we still had some 4KMs of journey pending.

With the lash of rains, and virtually no path bellow…auto was traveling without even the glass wiped for the driver to see the road ahead. This one was a good chap, he had traveled on that road innumerable times, so as he could drive without having to see the road. And so he did.

At a point, he ordered us to get down and push the auto. We got down and did what our friend wanted us to do. It was a small boulder like peak, which, he knew was impossible for an auto to crawl up. This small exercise made us get wet like anything..and again my friends started where they had left last time… for me asking them to walk all the way along these wild paths! Huh!

We started again… Our friend telling us how they spend time during the raining season. By now, I had opened the window (these parts put some zinc shield on both the sides to protect travelers from getting wet). It worsened the matter and our ‘water proof’ jackets started showing their real colours.

Bearing all these things, he stopped… at a place that had a small hut like structure, with “Sirimane” being written on it. It was not open, nor we saw anyone there. He told us we needed to walk down to the falls from there. A small 200mts trek was in offer, at least. I was anticipating a small waterfall with a sufficiently enough place to bathe, from what I had read and known about the place.

Trek to the waterfall

Waterfall : Oh! But I was mesmerised at what I saw there.. a waterfall, small but roaring! We were at almost 300mts away from the actual rock from where water jumped, but that didn’t spare us from its gigantic spree. Had I gone a step ahead, the gushing water would’ve washed me away. To add to it, started the downpour from the heavens. The moment flabbergasted us.

Water on wild hunt

It was getting wild and thrilling! I found a sufficiently stronger stick to hold as a support to enter the water; I put it in, as soon, it was bundled into pieces, by the sheer energy of running water. I survived this jolt by a whisker. Huh!

The moment was simply monishing.. I sat there, finding seemingly a rock, facing the waterfall. Sat there listening to the flush it made, admiring nature’s ultimate drive, I thanked God for making it possible for me to travel till there and getting a chance to visualise the spectacle thru my naked eyes.

Bewildering Waterfall

If I were a poet, I would’ve created 1000 verses on it, but wouldn’t have described it enough. Moment was such electrifying, never before kind of joy eluded in me.

Now it was my turn to return the words to my friends. I told them that their cribs were all washed away in the rush of water… the risk we took, and we should’ve taken were and would’ve been really worth them. They seemed agreeable to my point about it.

We spent some time in that wet condition, and reluctantly returned back. Autowalah had given us an ultimatum of 30 mins, but we took over an hour to be back.

Oh! Given a chance, I’d, any day, wish to rush back here, and spare myself of all the deadlines, conf calls, multiplexes and all.

Me can hear that roar of water, even now…sitting here. It’s etched there, in my mind, forever.

Return Journey : Our return journey to Kigga was as eventful as the forward journey. As we were reaching Kigga, there was a police enquiry that we went through. That fellow was about to scream out at us, for going in without prior permission, and he suspected us of being associates of Naxals. Our local friend offered a help, and dealt the matter proficiently. Also, we learned that the surveyers we found on our forward journey were actually the cops to fight Naxals.
We thus returned, to safe lands, with bundles of memories and spellbound joy.

Appreciation : Just have a look at the snaps, we dared take out the camera in rains, tried all the circus items to keep it un-wet. But, miserably failed at it. The good camera turned out to be strong too, for it sustained all the hard living we offered it.

14 June 2007

Where have you disappeared?

Where have you disappeared?
Into the jungles of loneliness?
Into the mangling crowd of the civilization,
Or into the drains of virtual ness,
Where have you disappeared?

I was waiting.
Waiting to feel the sooth,
Understand the reality,
Join the eternity..
Where have you disappeared?

There is hale all around.
There are violins singing for me,
Angels touching me, birds waving for me
wind carrying the aroma of Laurels;
With stars leading the way.
Where have you disappeared?

Dances of the Daffodils, screams of the ocean,
Slurry of the waterfall, valley of bliss,
Cheeky mountains, sunny privies
All asking me...
Where have you disappeared?

Chirps, children,
The new blossom,
The green hill,
Pond next to the temple,
Aroma from jasmine..
All are fading away
Where have you disappeared?

Come back, and come back soon.
Let there be joy in the mountains,
Let there be fun in the water,
Let there be ruth in the valley,
Let there be eternity in the
Fragrance of lilys.
Come back soon.

- Srik.

* Note : Expressing myself with a prose was not possible, my state of no admonishing wait...
I dont know what happened, but...let me not try explain it to you again. I fail miserably.. Read the poem and get it yourself.


11 June 2007

Karvalo in Kabul, Shootout in a Metro and Omkara, the English Teacher!!

Don’t scratch your head already. I will link all of them in one. I know you are perplexed with the title of this post… I am writing this so as not to mess myself up over it all…!

Now…coming to the point…this is what I did during the last weekend. I read Karvalo, watched a couple of missed Hindi movies! During the last week, had watched Shootout at Lokhandwala, the much-acclaimed new movie in town, and Kabul Express..

Well.. I usually don’t take much pains of traveling to a movie hall, plead some friends to accompany me, end up paying a hell of a sum, standing in the queue for hours… well… not my cup of tea, unless I know its worth it ;), and that too, once in a while. So, resorted to my neighbouring CD shop. I had warned him, the shopkeeper, that I would only pay if the DVD/CD were original. However, too much of honesty is also dangerous to health, as they say. So no comments about it.

Now, of all of them, I liked some things here, some things there, but was quiet disappointed with the movies, made up to my disappointment with two great books. One, Karvalo by Poorna Chandra Tejaswi, another, The English Teacher by R. K. Narayan.

Let me come back to the books later. First the movies. My friends, some of them, keep recommending me some movies, those that they liked, those they didn’t like, every thing. I kept postponing most of the movies, for the lack of time, some, for the lack of interest..

Realising that I’ve been too busy off late, felt like relaxing a bit, keeping away my books and other stuffs for a while, making use of my after–dinner–hours to watch some movies that had me pondering upon their releases. Befriended a good CD shop boy and selected a few CDs, asked him to keep them away, for me. And I hired one at a time, on daily basis.

Much to my parents’ amusement, I started getting CDs daily, watching them whole night, cribbing about them the next morning over breakfast. This was almost a natural scene at home, all thru the last week… Only few days when I got late at work, went home and slept.

I started with Kabul Express. This movie had interested me when it was released…and I had the same interest left in me when I started watching it…I must admit, it kept me hooked till the very end. I was pretty much impressed with the background scoring… those locales… the theme… the very idea of a brave heart journalist from India searching for a story out of the plight of war struck Afghanistan. But…a huge disappointment was in waiting for me…the movie was fine and all…well made too, acting capabilities of the star, not questionable… but my rant was against such a huge waste of resources…when they could’ve created a magnum opus, with more relevant and intricate details of how an Afghan lives today…why did the Talibanese punish people the hard way…they could’ve well gone to the core of the issue, instead, there is an attempt to bring some sympathy angle to a terrorist’s life!! This aspect made me crib all thru the day….

Kabul Express is certainly a watch-able flick, but… don’t have any expectations at all…there is no coverage of an Afghan’s day-to-day life, neither his anguish and disgust about Taliban, nor his plight/happiness, nor even Talibanese’ life has got any coverage here… Just watch and forget kind of movie…They have made a big waste of their energy, I mean the film crew…after all, they fail to put forth their views thru the movie.

And there was this movie…my colleague recommended me this one on Tuesday. He had seen it the previous night, it seems. I duly went to my new friend and asked him for another Hindi movie, he gave me this CD. He sounded that it was not a original CD, I hesitated for a moment, but still hired it….Shootout at Lokhandwala.

A movie, well made, fantastic pace, superb action, violence justified….but a total failure on one of the main aspects… “It fails to create an anti-terrorist notion among the viewers, instead it intends to get a sympathetic view for them!!” Story is, as they claim, based on real life rumours…and it looks a personification of rumours, though.

A shoot out well executed by the devil hearted cops, good thinking of bringing the action on screen, and brilliantly made too… but…. The gangster and his gang look meagre, especially the duo of Vivek and Tushar. At no point they seem interested in bringing the fear in you….never they try to show agressiveness…they rather fall pray very meekly.

This apart, Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Shetty steal the show. Amitabh has executed his cameo well. Songs…better not write about them, background scoring is pathetic as well. My rating of the flick would be 2.5, pretty high considering my evaluating standards.

Life in a Metro, true to its name highlighted a few people’s lives, their anguishes, their fast paced lives, their dreams, struggles, ways to win the daily competition, ways indulged in earning the daily bread….all of them are bundled in one metro, so in one movie, a good attempt at it I must say.

Packaged with brilliant performances, good music score, superlative songs…metro offers us everything, except for a good script. Had the script been more carefully written, had the sequences more carefully threaded, we would’ve got a masterpiece of an urban dream.. alas….we have a not so complete, but a good movie… Different shades of a personal life, in a so-called matured world…characterisation of each person in this movie is superb, Dharmendra has given us a good performance to watch out for.

Another reason for me liking this movie is a simple love story, of a married woman and a married man, both married to different people, the inner conflict of both of them while approaching each other. I liked the protagonists of this particular pair, Shilpa Shetty and Shiney Ahuja

Finally, as they show… all the characters meet at a railway station, but none has any time left for others, they all chase life at their own pace and peace… Its, life is, more of a chance rather than a choice, in a metro, as is suggested in the movie.
My Rating 3.

Omkara explains one how a classic movie is made…brilliant script, wonderful locations, real feel settings, brilliant performances, delicate handling of the concept, masterly technical work…I can go on listing the goods of the movie. Now let me figure out the darker side of the movie…tragic ending, but suits the movie, climax has been harried, I thought. The climax must have been better, for such a brilliant movie it is.

Every single actor has given his best, but Saif Ali Khan deserves a special mention for an excellent performance he has delivered. As Langda Tyagi, his performance will go in history books. Its real worth of it, I tell you. Konkona Sen has delivered an extremely delicate performance as Tyagi’s wife. Ajay Devgan and Kareena Kapoor are at their best, as usual. Vivek Oberoi has been a let down, as far as I am considered. Probably, his Shoot out at Lokhandwala performance was in the back of my mind, so I’ve judged him with prejudice, I think. Bipasha Basu has done justice to her role, which is the weak link in the whole movie. Her role could’ve been bettered, I thought.

All in all, a classic, with very good song sequences, well executed adaptation of a legendary literary work. Now.. that’s what is called a history. This movie will be referred for, by the generations to come.

I feel, this movie deserves the best possible rating, so, let me not take any risk.

With the disappointment I suffered in first three cases, and the tragic feeling at the last effort, I was in need of a solace.. I was in need of some good time, refreshing as it must be. To add to my woes, I had been under tremendous pressure at work, we had to deliver a patch last week..so..working like a donkey, day and night…was in need of some peace. I was offered the respite in the form of a weekend. Two days of lease of life. I wanted to utilize this break to the fullest. Realising movies had been a failure in providing me peace, I resorted to books. I carefully chose master pieces….. Karvalo in Kannada and The English Teacher in English……

To be concluded.

05 June 2007


Colourful flowers organisedly arranged to make a dull day bright. I found it at my office reception area few days ago. Its pleasing to one's nerves to see flowers, all so colourful and bright.

The world’s like a flower
Either fallen or grown
The leaves cover secrets
And the pedals are shown
We're like a flower

The world's like a rose
Every rose has its thorns
If we make a mistake
The skin gets torn
We're like a flower

The world's like a daisy
Pretty and bright
We all have our colors
But in a way we're just right
We're like a flower

The world's like a flower
All the thorns will pass through
The world's like a flower
Just waiting to bloom

Free Faller

04 June 2007

Dr. Yallapragada Subbarow

by Dr. Rajan

Manhunt for a TB patient! It sounds like they are searching for an undetected suicide bomber.
Extremely resistant or multidrug-resistant pulmonary TB (MDR-TB) is not uncommon in the world. We should always keep in mind that communicable infections donot respect political or geographic borders any more. It is like trying to convince people that if a part of the fruit is rotten, it is not harmful if you eat the rest of it. The CDC knows very well that MDR_TB is in plenty out side USA. They should have taken steps at war speed when they came to know the ememrgence of MDR_TB decades ago. The CDC can not sleep over it for such a long time and suddenly try to seek measures to legally restrict movements of one patient labelled as 'extremely durg resistant'. The attitude that you can be happy and be safe and secure as long as the deadly bug does not come into USA, is by itself unprofessional and unsafe for everybody. It is obviously descriminative to do "manhunt" only if he is some body inside USA. If some one tries to tell us that CDC is meant only for USA, the things are different!

Another aspect of looking at the matters in connection with how things are working in the field of safegaurding the people of the globe is not at all encouraging.The descrimination meted out to peolple dedicated to this life saving field is clearly unhealthy. This has generated an atmosphere of doing research only " for a gain".There are some masterly examples where the highest hounours ( not to be mistaken for money in them!) have eluded the really worthy people and favoured only the others. Important theme of this communication is that we should not send wrong message by not honouring the right person and hounougring his junoior or the wrong person for some unspeakable reasons.

In the first quarter of this century there were persons and groups of people who had devotion for research. For just the asking, they gave out life-saving molecules like vitamins, anticancer drugs, antifilarial and antihelminthics, antibiotics both oridnary and broad-spectrum, and saved the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians and paveved the way for whole lot of reserach which has brought solace to the whole world. If you claim that biotechnology, genomics, bio-energetics and nano-bio-tehnology is all modern and recent, you are thorougly mistaken.
The story actually started way back in late 1920s.

To cut a long story short, there was a man called Dr. Yallapragada Subbarow, who came to the USA in 1925 and lead the reaserch for discoveery of ATP (1929), the very primordial molecule in energy transduction from sun to our biosphere. He laid the very foundation for bilogical reaserach wonders of today! There was a time when, when ever there was a need for some new drug molecuele or mass produce a drug, the clinicians, pathologists and even the government of USA used to send requests and prevail upon him to synthesize them or manufacture and pass it on to them. That was the confidence they had in him. Rational clinical trials took place using those molecules and brought out success for the first time in the history of modern medicine in treating intractable infections, stubborn anemias and incurable deadly cancer. These days one has to use an electron-microscope to find a person like him.
Although he lead the teams, the honours went to the other persons in the same team.

The folates that he and his teammates gave are so commonplace today that you see them being present in the beverages you consume, the toothepaste that you use and see them being medically administered to every un-born and the new-born and the adults all over the world, be it in a city or a hill tribe. Many other molecules which make up the B-complex vitamins were synthesized by him and his team. He was the Director of Research in Lederley Laboratories and the Chief of Biological chemistry in Harvard Medical School, Boston, when he synthesized the first ever anti-cancer molecule, Aminopterin (1947), and on the request from a pathologist in Boston passed it on to him for rational clinical trials in acute leukemia in children. Very soon after succeessful trial report, which of course never gave him the deserved recognition, inspired his team members to synthesize more safer Methotrexate, which is a mainstay in cancer chemotheray today. Methotrexate has many other non-cancer clinical applications. For this discovery of a firstever cancedr cure, one of his team members got the Nobel Prize and he did not even get a share of it.

In fact one of his life time missions, according to his own statement, was to generate some more molecules to the benifit of mankind before his early death in August 1948. If he were to be alive today the panic created by this drug-resistant fugutive would have been, probably not arisen at all. His soul may be looking out for some body on dear-earth to take his guidance and bring out some molecules to contain the uncontainable diseases.

He was in a gubernacular position in Lederely labs of American Cyanamid Company and mass manufactured millions of doses of Penicillin. for the sake of suffering soldiers of WW-II and the public. He gave the first ever broad spectrum antiobiotic, Tetracyline (1948), which has saved millions since then, but the world came to know that it was his gift only when there was an epidemic of Plague in 1994, in India. In 1994-5 America celebrated his Centenary in a big way. Only then some of his countrymen heard his name. His research gave the first and the only effective antifilarial drug, Diethyl Carbamazine. As he was a Gandhian the accolade was given to some other person. The foundation he laid has given rise to both curative as well as preventive mendicine of today. Public liffe in both the hemispheres, is so very like a sojourn today compared to the dark days of poor medical faicilities. His name is found in connection with many drugs and other related molecules, in many science and biological discovery Timelines along with Aristotle, Newton, William Harvey, Alexander Fleming. He is one of the most quoted persons in the history of Science. He is acknowledged rightly in many Nobel lectures, but unfortunately missing in Nobel winner's list.

Government of India has brought out his commemoration stamp and instiuted a National oration in his name. But still his countrymen donot think that it is their duty and a proud previlege to honour him. It is strange but true un-indian attitude to ge so ungrateful and escape from the duty in the name of being modest. It was so strange to see that a scolarly bok on Biochemistry of medical students written in 2005 failed to mention his name. In fact there may be some thing more than we discern, hidden behind this mystery of missing Nobels!

Indeed, his devotion and love for mankind was undoubtedly a mesaiah's work, which clearly puts it beyond the scope of the Nobel prize. The world is still awaiting for one more sermon on the Mount or some more Commandments or some more Geethopadeshas to get an attitude of justful distribution of honours. I have been looking forward to a day when the First Government, thinks of thanks-giving by respecting him with the highest civilian honour of this globe. Probably this will be the right message to the scienttific world that work with right spirit will always be commemorated and never forgotten. His birth day is January 12th 1895, and his 60th death anniversary will be on Aug 28th 2007.

Please visit: ysubbarow.com , cdc.gov for details.

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Dated: May 31st, 2007. Novi. MI.