23 July 2007

Mallalli Abby - Mallalli falls

Nature keeps us occupied always. We are as small as we can count on, in front of the mighty nature. An unheard off corner in the world throws you out of gear, when you are in there.

Would you think of a visit to some waterfall after a day’s hard trek amidst rains and leeches, not possible or tiresome??

Just rethink.

Well.. now see the video….

Mallalli Abby.

That’s why I say, a visit to a water fall freshens you, makes you forget all the past, and fragrances you with a freshness that will last for ages.

We all came out fresh and energetic, from here.

Now see this video to learn more about the falls……. A local man explains the fall’s stories…..

Mallalli Abby.

If you can not understand Kannada, here is what he says :
Kumaradhara river rushes down from a 175ft boulder forming this wonderful waterfall. Monsoon is the best time to savour its might. River flows down to Mangalore from here, thru Subrahmanya Kukke.

He adds, visitors are not provided with any facilities here, and the authorities must work in this direction.

How to reach there.

There are two buses to this falls from Somavarapet. First bus leaves Somavarapet at 7.20AM and reaches here at about 8:30AM. The second bus starts from Somavarapet at 2PM and reaches here at 3:30PM. There is no other transport facility. You can try with some local jeep fellows. Friendly them, will offer you a drop, by taking a handsome amount of cash.

Direct bus from Bangalore to Somavarapet that runs every night is the means to reach there without having to undergo any hardship.

After you get down from the bus at Hanchinalli, it takes a walk of around 2.5Kms to reach the falls. This it to reach the view point. If you want to venture to the river, it is again an hour and a half’s trek down the valley. It is highly adviced not to trek during the raining season, for the road is slippery and leeches….My God!!

You can come back to Hanchinalli, to catch the 4 o’ clock bus to Somavarapet. Have some food again and take the night service bus to Bengalooru.

If you are traveling by a private vehicle, then here is the route map.

Bangalore -> Nelamangala -> Kunigal ->Chennarayapattana -> Holenarasipura -> Arakalagud -> Krishnapura -> Shanivarasanthe -> Somavarapete. (240KMs)

Somavarapete -> Shanthalli -> Kannakatte -> Hanchinalli -> Mallalli(22KMs)

Other famous places in the vicinity : Kukke Subrahmanya(50KMs), Dharmasthala(further from Kukke), Pushpagiri(More popularly Kumara Parvatha- 7KMs trek only), Madikeri(60Kms) and Kushalanagara(50KMs).

To end with, here is a snap shot of this stunning waterfall :


Anand Balaji said...

If there be a Paradise on earth,
This is it! This is it!

Aravind GJ said...

Very nice photos!! I repent for not seeing this falls even though i trekked on the same route to Kumaraparvatha twice.

BTW, i have added your link in my blog.

Infolines said...

hey thats kool...... lots of info in ur blog abt the tourist places. I hav missed all these days. Thanks Dude. will explore ur blog....

mouna said...

u are correct,if a waterfall has to be enjoyed thoroughly, it should be during the monsoons. it's something different altogether.

ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

Whew! Thats a beauty. Thanks for the video. To hell with those leeches....got to see this one.

Anonymous said...

Mallalli falls is very good.
Thanks for the info.
By the by, your voice is excellent.

Srik said...

Anand, Yes, thou art correct.

Arvind, You must check this place out when you trek KP again during monsoon, next time. Why not this weekend? It'll be an amazing date with leech, rain and water: I am speaking truth!!

BTW, Thanks for the honour. Feels really great to be on the esteemed page.

Naren, Thanks for the visit. Hmmm... u get to see so many nice places in this beautiful state, u must explore I think.

mouna, well.. that is the fun. experiencing the Bellari heat in mid summer, experiencing the shringeri people's rainee endeavour and this monsoon trek have convinced me that there is no off-season as such, as the tour organisers say. If you have an interest to be among the people, u get to enjoy your visit the most when you make a trip there in the so called off-season!!

Rajesh, I am surprised that you haven't checked it out yet!

Annon, me blushing now!! Thanks for the comment. Leave your name when you next visit here, please. :-)

reborn said...

:) you are o a long vacation ??? visiting many places ... I didnt know about this place .. will visit when I go to Kumaraparvatha..

neela said...


bachodi said...

Wowowow... too good srik. Must be an awesome experience rite?

Srik said...

Probably for a doctor, two day long weekend is called a looooong weekend!! well.. I utilize my Saturday and Sunday for my passions!

I agree with you...200%

Yes, absolutely! I am going there again in November. Any takers?