25 April 2008

Save the nature!

Dear All,
Today, Global warming is happening at an alarming pace and the effects of it are already evident in the likes of unseasoned rains, floods, drought, crop failure, extreme variations in the the temperature etc. This internally making the human life miserable. Among various reasons for this problem, the deforestation is a major one. The state of Karnataka, God has blessed it with a beautiful evergreen rain forest which is a part of the western ghats. Because of this, there has been no scarcity of the basic necessities like water etc in the state. We have to use these natural resources judicially. If we exploit the resources beyond a limit, then the disaster will be at our doorstep. Is it not a duty of every citizen to take care of this nature’s gift so that it will continue to server our future generations? yes it is.

But few anti social elements(read politicians, policemen etc) are misusing it and turning this pristine forest in to a mining zone just to pocket huge money them selves.
Ucchangi cave hill is a beautiful hillock in the bisle range of western ghat. On the top of the hill there is huge rock formation and there are caves in this rock formation. It looks like Yana. Please click the link to view few snaps of this hillock.
http://picasaweb.google.com/prapancha/Ssanthe_photos_3march. Past 2 years has seen a rise in the mining mafia that is ruining this beautiful place with the active involvement of politicians and bureaucrats. Local people are fighting against them, but as usual they(Mafia) care a least for them. Now they are requesting everyone among all walks of life to help them out in their struggle.
To help them out and to sensitize people through media we are planing for a protest rally on 1st May 2008. We are planing to invite well known environmentalists like Dr. U R Ananthmurthy, Retired high court judge Justice M. F. Saldhana and Former PCF A.N Yallappa Reddy, Former Lokayuktha Justice Venkatachala and many other NGOs etc.,
We invite you all to take part in this and help locals to save this beautiful place for our future generation. Also please note that this will also be a 1 day trip, where we can explore this cave hill, visit bisle ghat, visit to an unexplored Mookana mane water falls.

Protest Place :- Uchhangi Cave Hill, Sakaleshpur(Taluk), Hassan(Dist) Karnataka.
Protest day:- 1-05-2008
Mode of transport:- KSRTC Bus (Hired)
Program itinerary is as follows :
  • Departure from Bangalore at 5:00 AM in the morning and
  • reach sakaleshpur by 9:00AM.
  • Take out a rally in the town for about an hour and
  • proceed to cave hill which is about 25KM from this place.
  • Reach the foot hill of this hill and take out rally to the top of the hillock which is at about 2.5 KM distance.
  • Have lunch, which will be prepared on the hillock.
  • Walk down to the foot hill and catch the bus and proceed towards Bisle ghat view point.
  • Visit Mookana mane water falls and proceed towards bangalore.
  • Reach bangalore latest by 8:00PM

Note:-As this is a voluntary work towards a great cause, We request individuals to bear the cost which will work out to be around Rs.350/person.Please attend and save the hillock.
Please e-mail to prapancha@gmail.com to confirm ur participation.

You can also contact me Srikanth @ 9845072868 to confirm or for further information, if needed.



Kadalabal said...

great effort I whole heartedly wish the rally protest oota visit to falls all the best may mother nature shower her blessings to make this a great day for all of you with cooollll ( not warming) wishes
need of the hour is to conserve natural resources for the future

Kumudha said...

Great post!

sushil yadav said...

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