30 May 2006

Judiciary in India

I was chatting with my friend, who is a lawyer, over the judgment of some case that hit the headlines sometimes back. I asked him why the judgments took so long to be delivered, does that happen only in India?
For which he narrated the following story:

There was a father, who was a lawyer, gives all the sophistication to his son, admits him to the best schools and colleges of the city, and sends him abroad for higher studies and gives him whatever he wants. The son, a bright youngster, comes out of the college and gets a law degree with flying distinction and wishes to practice with his father. His father, most accommodating for the son, asks him to take up one of the cases handled by him.

The enthusiastic youngster takes up the case to his head and gets success in it.
He rushes to his father with a copy of the judgment and expects a shower of praise from his beloved father. But the father criticizes him and says: "YOU FOOL...THIS IS WHY I SENT U ABROAD TO STUDY? IS THIS WHAT YOU LEARNT THERE?"
Son is disappointed and asks him "Did I do any wrong?"
Father shouts back: "If not for that case, how else do you think I could send you abroad? How else do you think this house you are living in came up? And you say that the case is finished?!!"

This is the face of real lawyers and this is how our judiciary works.
A story very popular among the lawyers, narrated by a modern day lawyer, so had to believe it.


bellur ramakrishna said...

I was waiting for your post. Good one.
But I have heard this joke as told by a DOCTOR getting well off (by treating a patient for ages) in a old Kannada Movie (forgot the name).
Btw, Your b-i-l may have many more LAWYER jokes to share.

Srik said...

Hey nice to see your comment.I wanted to write so many things, but carried away with some work. I will post some other things this week as well.
Thanks a lot for your comment and encouragement. Hmm I think I can get some more lawer jokes from him.
I don't know about this Doctor joke.

RK said...

Is it coincidence that as soon as your Lawyer joke got posted, the court scene ended in Muktha.

By the way, I have started a blog of my own(as some of you had suggested). Completed the BLOG-PRAVESHA a few minutes ago.
address: http://ramblingwithbellur.blogspot.com/
keep blogging