09 May 2006

Kannada in Bangalore

Once I was on my way to meet a friend who would be gone forever to Pune,
So, wanted to present her my favorite book, in English.
I went to buy a book from a roadside bookseller.
Asked him "ee book ge estu agathe?" (How much does it cost, in Kannada).
He said "One fifty Rs".
I asked him "Estakke Kodtiya? Nange eradu books beku. 100 Madko." (How much shall I give, if I buy two books? Please give it to me in 100 Rs/book.)
Without a second thought he said "Sir, 150 Kodi. Eradu books tagondu Hogi." (Please give me 150/- and take away both the books.)
After buying it, I asked him why did he reduce the price by 50%?
For which he said "Sir, Neevu Kannada matadiddakke tumba kushi aytu. Adikke kotte.!!!!!"
("I was very happy to see someone speaking in Kannada!")!!
I could see his face filled with celebration.
Friends, It didn’t happen in an alien country, or an alien city.
I experienced it in 'namma Bengalooru', in the very crowded Koramangala, near the Forum mall.
What a bankruptcy of Kannada speaking people in this city!!!

I was shocked to hear that a seller in Bangalore awaits a Kannadiga to go to him and
speak with him in his language, for ages!! Quiet unfortunate!

I just hope that the situation improves and such things wont repeat.
I also hope that we hear our language spoken everywhere in the city.
Lets not allow it die in front of our eyes.

Here I remember an SMS i got sometimes back.
One who speaks in Telugu with a Teluguite and in English with others is a Teluguite,
One who speaks in Hindi with an Indian and in English with a foreigner is a Hindiite,
One who speaks in Tamil with a Tamilian, in Tamil with others is a Tamilian and
One who speaks in Tamil with a Tamilian, in Telugu with a Teluguite, in Malayalam with a Malayalee and in English with a Kannadiga is a Kannadiga.

How true Allwa?!!!!


Anu said...

When we live outside, if we hear someone speaking in kannada, we get so excited and happy. If we need to be as excited even in karnataka, that is truly sad.

I also read the post on Hampi. The intensity of your feeling comes through! Hampi is such a place!

Srik said...

Yeah Anu avare,
Its my experience. The moment I saw a revelation in the seller's eyes, i felt a kind of shock. Its really sad that Kannadigas hasn't given Kannada its place,

mouna said...

i had an experience of a similar kind, my sister and me went to nilgiris' to but softys'. we asked for ours in kannada, the vendors' face was glowing, bahaLa santosha aaythu!! though we didn't get to pay less, it was just wonderful!

Anand Balaji said...

Your observation, nay, lament: "What a bankruptcy of Kannada speaking people in this city... " summed it all up!