24 August 2006

Role of Information Technology in the development of India

Recently the sensex touched 12K..! ‘How??’.
Recently US president fought his colleagues over a nuclear deal with India… WHY?!!
When Dr. Manmohan Singh visited US early this year he was treated as if he has descended from the heavens… WHY?!!
When Bill Gates visited India, he announced that he was hiring Indian graduates to work in his personal group….WHY??!!

We daily see hundreds of corruption charges against our politicians and administrators…
We daily see hundreds of protests on streets demanding for justice…
But still Indian economy is on a roll.. India Raising! How is it possible? When our administrators are selfish and corrupt, when many people are hungry and un happy… how is it that world recognizing as the most promising economy of the present day?!!

Apparently this all is because of Indian corporate raise. Indian IT engineers have done the trick for India, is said everywhere. Bangalore is termed as the next Silicon Valley. 750 million Indians are still under 35 years of age!! The youth power has given India a new identity in the world. Indian IT entrepreneurs are being recognized as most intelligent race in the world.

Friends do you also think IT has done India so good? Please post your views here. What’s the role of Information Technology in the raise of India?

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