08 August 2006

Tagging game!!

Tagging in dictionary gave me the following results :
->Attach a tag or label to/
->Touch a player while he is holding the ball/
->Provide with a name or nickname/
->Go after with the intent to catch/Supply (blank verse or prose) with rhymes

I was not really interested in knowing the meaning of getting tagged until a hallucinator forced me to learn it. Who’s that? A professor?! Might be.

I was about to ask her what a tagged person does in this new on-line game, but by then a rambler asked her the same.
Well… She had replied :
>> you just copy my post, retain the words in bold, and delete the rest, and put >>in your own responses and post it on your blog. At the end, you "Tag" five >>people - it just means that they have to make the same list. That's it!
>>Of course, you are completely free to ignore the Tag too! :)

Oh! Well.. I thought of opting the obvious choice, but since its my first ever tag, changed my mind and decided trying it out myself and pass the ball to some one else, so that I might not get caught later ;) .

I’m thinking about:
the person who first thought of the internet, for without his/her ideas, we could not have found these funny games.

I said:
”I can create the world,” but no one listened.

I want to:
learn everything, absolutely everything under the Sun.

I wish:
I could turn my head 360 degrees, so that I can acknowledge every one around me.

I hear:
my friend calling out “Maga…”

I wonder:
why can’t every one think along the same lines.

I regret:
being born 50 years late, or else I’d be a part of Indian independence movement.

I am:
always happy.

I dance:
with ‘Himnnnnnnnnnnnesh’ kind of music.

I sing:
Well, they say. I’ve not felt so, so, shy away singing in public. Of cource, no practice is also a bane.

I cry:
Ganga-Kaveri when I’m told some emotional story, in a movie or through a book or....

I’m not always:

I make with my hands:
some one happy, by embrasing them.

I write:
Coz I can not be friends always.

I confuse:
the meaning of myself.

I need:
Lots of good friends and their company 24/7.

And finally:
I tag, since I read very little on-line, I’ll tag all those sites which I visit - Shruti, Sanjay, Mridula, Raj, Ajeya Rao, Glenn Richard, Bellur,
Anoop,Vikram Karve.


rk said...

tag aagiroranne TAG maadodu APACHARA. hosabranna tag madodu SADACHARA. Guruglanne tag madodu DURACHARA! ;)

Srik said...

:)) Bellur, Elroo ondalla ondu reetinalli tag agogirtare. so, we're all commiting some APACHARA, some DURACHARA, and sometimes we do SADACHARA also :D

Actually speaking, I didnt get other names, Sir.

Shruthi said...

Ha ha, good list, Srik :) And RK, correctu!!