26 September 2006


The following is an old mail written by me to revive a dead group.
I shall describe the situation as follows…. A group was formed as soon as we finished the college, and as usual in the beginning there was so much enthusiasm and JOSH, which eventually faded and everyone got busy with their own lives..some got married, some went abroad, some to study, some to job. Each went on busy in finding answer to who and what everything….

In this situation, had some one reminded us there were better things to make us happy, those things seem small, but they really do make us forget everything and gives us an immense sense of pleasure and gay……. It happened one day to me at my office, a lost friend came to visit me!! I became so happy at this re-union which then I shared my pleasure with all at the said forum, which revived the group and made it lively again…. The following is the mail…


Well friends,
Here is a story that I would like to share with my so called friends...

There are times when we are happy and there are some when we are still learning to be so, Read it even when u don’t have time for it... ITS AN ORDER.

He was a person who believed in sharing and caring. He wanted to be with all his friends thought his life. He stayed with them all for four years when studying, at a hostel. He enjoyed each and every moment of the life with friends. It was a real Heaven for him, those years.

But the reality was a bit harsher on him. All of his friends left him alone in search of their destinies, better money and other things. He was also carried away with his work, studies and other personal things. He was now all alone to face the life, deriving strength day by day in growing alone. He thought that was life, no sharing and no caring!!!!

He also thought Whatever he earned was his and he need not care for others, Life was just get-up, go to work, get-back home late night, eat if wanted, sleep, get-up...... A routine, like the programs he write. He had no idea of how insecure his life was getting before him; he had no time to think apart from work!!!!!

One bright day he was again busy with what he always did, the same old art of introducing bugs (called coding)... He was told that he had a visitor waiting for him. He guessed it would be some bank guy asking for a loan or credit card, but with whom he saw there... he was suddenly brought down to earth, and was reminded that he had so many better things to think of!!!

It was one of his friends from college, with whom he had spent some of his life's invaluable years. Other guy was also in a similar situation, paid this visit on work, and suddenly bringing happiness to both of them. It was the first time that they both met after the college, in so many years!!! And this guy had not even visited his old friend on his wedding day!!

Lack of interest??? Really no time?? CHOLESTEROL??

This visit made him remember his old friends, reminded him of his old days...
This visit brought happiness to both of them.
They chatted, exchanged their experiences, ate together, joked of each other's appearances, cursed themselves for being not being kept in touch...
And most importantly, PROMISSED TO BE FRIENDS FOR LIFE, this time REAL FRIENDS!!!!

And there ends the story...

Now friends, tell me u want to be like this guy, keeping busy even when he was not so... avoiding friends when he could have easily stayed in touch,

I feel we all want good friends, not merely for enjoyment, not also for the heck of having some, not also for help when needed, but 'TO BE ALIVE' we need friends, We need them to share our happiness and also sorrows...

I felt like this shameless guy when SAI visited me today.
It was a surprise for me(!) and a reminder that I am moving away from my good friends.
I was really happy to receive him here!!
Thanks Sai for coming here and making my day.

Friends, do u also want to feel this way (Surprise rather than being happy) when a FRIEND visits u?? No nah?? At least keep this group active; which is the least u can do for ur friends.
Hope u all understand!!

- Lots of Love,



Srik said...

One nice thought for today :
Success is more permanent when you don’t compromise your principles to achieve it!

Veena Shivanna said...

Last bench hudga, enappa istond sentimental post idu.. sumne heege browse maadtha idde so read this old post of yours. Generally that word FRIEND gets my attraction/attention whereever it appears! chennagi bardideera... I think you are one among those people who make time for friends, thanks for coordinating the ranganatittu trip for us & I share the same accolades to Usha too..

I would save sometime to definitely read some posts & may be sometime I would post it on sajay's mukta section which I vist more often than I do on your weblog. pls ctrl C & Ctrl V maadi :-) anyway you introduce lot of bugs so this is a safe way of copying the bugs instead.Makki ka Makki.. kathe :-)