27 September 2006


Here I am. Take a guess and find me out!!
I here give you three clues :
1. I am a Sardar.
2. Today(27/09) is my birthday.
3. Above pic was taken when I was 17 years old, I was at Amritsar, and I was the editor of two dailies, one in Punjabi and another in Urdu.

Now tell me WHO I AM, before wishing me a happy birthday!!!!!


bellur said...

Happy birthday, Bhagath Singh.
He looked like the above picture till his late teenage years. In his early 20s, he got a crop-cut, shaved his beard and trimmed his moustache. And had his famous hat on. This is the picture we normally associate with Bhagath Singh.

Sharu said...

One evening a boy of three was out for a walk with his father. There was also an elderly man with the father. Chatting they walked on and went beyond the village. Green crop delighted the eyes. The elders were walking along the edge of a field. Not hearing the footsteps of the boy, the father looked back. The boy was sitting on the ground and seemed to be planting some thing. The father became curious.

"What are you doing?" said he.

"Look, father, I shall grow guns all over the field" was the innocent reply of the boy. His eyes shone with the strong faith that guns would grow in the field. Both the elders were struck with wonder at the little boy's words.

The boy was Bhagat Singh who later fought like a hero for India's freedom and sacrificed his life.

bellur said...

hi girish,
long time since we read your comments....avatthu yavattho onde dina 50 comment haakidri sanjay blogalli.....do visit regularly boss! how is sharu? another request: please update her blog.
bere yella aaramana?


Srik said...

Right Bellur.
And Girish, Thanks for visiting :)

As you've said, it was Bhagat Singh and we have a lot to learn from that Young man of The Indian freedom struggle.

Sadly, there was a news that some school texts in Maharashtra(or somewhere I donn remember), termed Bhagat and friends as Terrorists!!
What a honour for that great man.

Lets remember the values they lived for always.
Jai Hind.

bellur said...

you have been tagged. for details, please visit my blog.