27 February 2008

Media go malamaal…Aam aadmi kangal!

When I was browsing thru various news sites today, following news caught my eye.

It was a report from Lokasabha where our softspoken PM was all attacks on his predecessor Govt, according to CNN-IBN. Read the story here.

According to the report, it was mentioned that PM said the previous Govt was anti-farmer and anti-agriculture, and continued to state….the report said “….The Prime Minister, who was interrupted by BJP MPs, said: "we will not stop till we have wiped the tears from the eyes of all farmers".“

So…that’s in the main item on its page, with a catchy head note of “NDA dumped Farmers with 60,000 Crore Rs debt”…

OK… That’s what he spoke and that’s how its been reported. Now look at another report of the same event, on another news page. This time the reporter was Indian Express. They had given this news some third priority on their page or something. And it read ”Manmohan praises Vajpayee for ‘courageous’ steps”!!

Same news reported in two different ways, to reach out to their respective readers.. And how! The crappy system of ‘Emotional reporting’ is definite to break the country, after creating the barriers. This is an example of how one paper reaches out to NDA lovers, and support their views, and another paper reaches to its NDA hater club… WHOM TO BELIEVE, now?

Media go malamaal…Aam aadmi kangal!


decemberstud said...

Yep, I was watching NDTV and even there they claimed that Manmohan praised Vajpayee. Needless to say Indian media is going down the drain fast and that's scary!!!

Kadalabal said...

dont believe both try weather u can get one neutral news paper ( it is very difficult but still there will be one) wither way aam aadmi kangal hai hi