27 February 2008

A ride to the Arabian sea

A few postcards from my recent trip to the Karavali(West-coast of India). Log for the same is coming up.....shortly.

To note a few key points of the trip :

1. A total of 965Kms covered on bike, and about 250 Kms covered in a taxi.
2. Meeting three bloggers, who are excitingly nomadic. :)
3. Visiting some of the old and well-maintained temples.
4. Crossing the Kerala border for the first time,
5. Managing with Kannada in Kerala(!)
6. Rushing back to Bangalore to attend to work in the evening.
7. Sneaping thru the lovely ghats, past the sexy curves hugging the majestic evergreen forests.
8. Witnessing the popular Aagumbe sun-set.

Will come back to tell you the complete story.

Oooops.... I dint tell you the main reason for me to take on this ride!! We went there to attend a marriage :)


neel3 said...

lovely pics.

Kadalabal said...

superb picutres. your summary makes me to wait for your detailed report on the trip. at the end r back to work. BTB prasanth was there in this trip ?
waiting for a detailed post


Infolines said...

Marriage..?? and one more thing u might hav Forgotten! is it Ur Marriage?? :D Nice Pics :) too good!!

Arpz said...

nice snaps.

mouna said...

when will u post the log?
u lucky guy!! :D