26 May 2008


Karnataka has voted for a stable Govt. this time. It has voted against the family politics, it has voted against opportunistic politics, it has voted against the babudoms, it has voted against the Long time no see kind of politics, it has voted against “You say what you say, I do what I do” kind of politics, Karnataka has voted against any logical caste equations, Karnataka has broken the barriers of regional politics. It has dismantled the taken for granted peoples’ hopes, aspirations and has left them in a vehemence of heart broken condition.

Bangarappa and his two sons losing the elections outright in ‘their own’ backyard is a straight rejection of family and babuism politics by the so called leaders. Bangarappa losing in his own backyard means that one can not ‘rule’ the land, but just has to serve the people.

Devegowda and his party have been beaten up cats and dogs this time. People had vested on them a responsible key to the governance last time, and they had chosen to mishandle it for their greed and purposes. The election results this time is a direct slap on the face of Devegowda and his kind of politics. All Muslim JDS candidates losing means that it is not enough to speak about the upliftment, people need results.

Congress spoke against BJP and its ‘communal’ colours, when it self couldn’t get over the terror attacks and the growth of terror camps in Karnataka.

BJP, on the other hand, got over the hangover of all their traditional issues, like the communal clashes along the coast of Karnataka, Datta peeta in Chikkamagaloor, and spoke only about a stable government. Congress leaders were upset about party not giving tickets to their ‘heirs’. This showed a great deal of a team broken by personal interests. So, the voter had no option but to choose the ‘communal’ party.

So, did BJP Win at all? No!

They just got sufficient numbers to form the Govt., and people have allowed them to form Govt., without the support any cheaters this time. This is a test time for them; they are here to be tested. If their leaders were charismatic, if their manifesto was great, people would've supported them with more numbers. That has not happened, Karnataka has not voted for BJP's politics too!! It has just voted for a change, a change that was in the making and took 10 years to come!

Dharam Singh failed as a chief minister; so did Krishna before him, and Kharge didn’t pose to be a great leader either. Siddaramaiah's talk-only thoughts were a failure as well. Ambharish wanted to be a leader based on his charismatic movie presence, without doing anything for the people who supported him, he didn’t even bother to spearhead the Kaveri protest against Tamilnadu snatching Karnataka farmers’ share of water. He was out rightly and rightly rejected. Congress asked votes with these failed faces, and that made the voter to be frustrated of their kind of politics, and voting for a change.

So, the big question is….WHO WON? It’s the people!

Yes, it’s the democracy that won; the voter has cleverly chosen his stable Govt., but keeping the key to the governance in his own hands! What a wonderful mandate.

Three cheers to the Karnataka voter, intelligent, brilliant, conditional, presidential and democratic!

Update: This blog was featured on CNN-IBN, mfirst writeup to be published at the National level! Click here to read the same.


Arni. Vani said...

wow...........nice analysis....keep up the good work...saayankaala hottu yaavdaadru newspaper ge political correspondent aagi serbidi....

Anonymous said...


Srik, I never thought about it. But ultimately 8 out of 10 cases, its the common man who looses !!


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Veena Shivanna said...

Wow! Great analysis.. and Young ministers as well. So hopefully they are all charged up to do something to the people.
Will just wait and watch some good hopes and I am sure they would do something different!

Kadalabal said...

srik your analysis is perfect to the core certainly karnataka voters are different than their neighbouring states and all ananlysis you have made me wonder how best your are suited for whatever u do. my hearty congratulations and wish much more thought provoking posts from you.
congrats for being put on CNNIBN what more you need we all very happy and let your varied interests bring you much more acclodes I am really proud of my mb group three cheers to you and we all will have a small share in it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good analysis Srik... Beats the rehashed crap that all news channels bring out in their endless loop ! Good going !

- Diya

JustSo said...

Wow! congrats mate.