19 May 2008

The great IPL

An Auction….. 1….2…..3….. Kolkata goes to Sharukh.

Now… Bangalore…. 1….2…..3….. Mallya gets it!

Mohali….Priety bags it….

Nope…it has nothing to do with the city, but the Cricket team representing the city.

More to be noted is… the local boys are very minimal in the team that is filled with ‘outsiders’…

Many more things to note … The players are auctioned as well… And each team gets to call their top bid for their players… One gets 6 Crores… One gets 5 Crores (You read it right, Crore Rupees)…and so on.

Ponting complains that he was opted for a lesser money! And Dhoni says he is just about satisfied with his bid amount! What’s happening here is …. Whole world goes crazy in cheering these auctioned ‘local’ lads, and they name it all as CRICKET. J

Cricket that was called a Gentleman’s game, once, has now become a businessman’s paradise to invest. People like Mallya, Ambani, and the league who held a lot of money and doesn’t know where to invest have all found a nice way of spending their fortune, and the foolish people like me, you and them return them in multiples of about what they spend!!

It is an absolute CRAZY item as that sounds. We have an illegible record of iconisation and worshipping the stars in all known means, and this crazy cricket is all adding on to what is already an absolute crack of the game that was.

This barbeques for cricket is named IPL, the Indian Premier League!

All said and done, I am a no saint for not getting hooked to this killer game…. Now since the Royal Challengers are gone in the buckets, I’ve shifted my loyalty to Delhi daredevils, the Sehwag’s team and Mumbai Indians, Sachin’s team.
Log in IPL, Good Bye Cricket!!

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