14 July 2008

Hampi...... sad tale of a world heritage site

Hampi brings back a bunch of memories, memories of great pride, and some, of sadness. Happy memories of a thought that such a huge celebration of life ever existed; sad memories of inhibited imperial brains destroying such a wonder, both run in our minds when we think back about Hampi.

Today, Hampi is a graveyard of an infinite energy that hides more than what it displays. The huge perpetuation of the stony marvels here are a testimony to our greatly famed heritage.

The monuments that are available to us are a treasure for researchers, history enthusiasts from across the globe. They provide an open museum to the enthusiasts and teach about an interesting and one of the most important phases in Indian history. These monuments are no more 'Hindu' monuments, but are more of National in nature.

Such precious and priceless monuments are today orphaned and are being vandalised. Last weekend there was a disturbing report of a few idols being fractured by some idiotic degage rascals. There were reports of young visitors roaming around the streets of Hampi drenched in the shall of drugs, alcohol and open sex.

Hampi’s sanctity is at a high risk today. The world heritage sites at Hampi are under a threat of losing out again to the carnal pleasures of its fancied visitors. Any attack on Hampi is an attack on the integrity of the country; it’s a direct attack on the virtues of Hinduism.

Today, young men from Kashmir are said to be involved in drug peddling, secretive terrorist activities, cases of infidelity among others. There were arrests also of a few of them in the regard.

Today, some of the Hindu temple monuments have been occupied and turned into dargahs off late. The popular ‘Purandhara mantapa’, from where Sri Purandhara Dasa contributed immensely to Karnataka classical music, is today used for cooking the beef!

The history will never forgive us if we lose out these ancient, priceless monuments for the heck of a small money, pleasure or pride. We need a mechanism to safeguard them and feel proud of at least having them in our history.

A visit to Hampi is like reading a huge history book; is like traveling to the past in a time machine. I sure hope we, as a community come to our senses fast and educate ourselves of the pristine value each of these monuments, idols hold. And I also wish and hope that we do preserve them to gift our next generations this enormous beauty of heritage value.

I stronly urge the respective departments to take corrective and preventive measures to ensure these monuments are practically protected.


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Kadalabal said...

it is true Hampi once the glorious capital city of Vijayanagara Kingdom is in a sad state today. your concern for the world heritage site is genuine and I whole heartedly support your view points. Being a native of Hospet my heart burns are much more and I feel sad by reading such things. Hampi started becoming a foreigners paradise once they saw the sceneric beauty and the places in hills with cave where they can indulge in what ever they feel like ( not all of them there are plenty who come to visit hampi on hostorical visit and they do not do any harm)and availability of drugs in plenty made this home of hippies they started travelling betwenn hampi and goa. In fact many local youth got spoiled and now it is turn of kashmiri youth coming in the guise of merchants and opening shops and doing all illegal business including supporting terrorist activities.
suddenly a durga has come up near "purandaradasa mantapa" a place where we have attended many dasara aradhanas and today it is in a bad state of affairs. religious places take birth overnight in our country and what is said by srik regarding cooking of beef it is very disturbing and I feel very sad and urge all concerned to act immediatley on this and preserve all the monuments and retain the sanctity of purandara dasa mantapa
I am really disturbed and srik let us hope something good will comeout with our new govt. I also requetst local people to take this and I think we need a strong will and start a agitation if need be. it is better if govt does this on its own then it will be fine.

ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

successive govts have failed to take necessary action. There seems to be some fear factor on taking stern action on hampi. we can only hope that someday one government and a willing administration will sum up courage to clean up hampi of all evils. Hope taht someday will not be too late.

shrikant....good article.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it pains a lot to see this. IF pro kannada activists diverted their attention to galvanizing support for these, life would be just nice.

Anonymous said...

I agree , but why is it in such a bad stage ?