31 July 2008

Let’s live with peace, not die in pieces!

Only one?
This was the first question that arose in all minds of Bangalore last Friday. Some sounding relieved some disappointed; some more with disgust, and some with disregard!

The question “Only One?” was the reflection of how much we have grown in the sixty years. The nation that was unshaken with many summer winters passing by is rock solid even in the disaster.

Bangalore was put thru a stringent test of its mental character that day as some terror mongers planted bombs across the city in different parts. With reports of blasts one after another, Bangalore was horrified; Panic spread in no time; Police, Govt., people and businessmen were alerted with the same shock across.

But the initial reaction was temporary since the news reports stated that the intensity of bombs was on the lower side, and not much damage was caused to the property or the lives. Relieved? Happy? Safe? No. Bangalore was still in a sorry state.

People there showed their usual tough character and they didn’t let the bombs hinder their activities thru the day.

The famed IT city was terror struck when the whether was damp and rains poured from above. Here the rumours traveled faster than the 24 hour news channel crew. And one woman was killed by one of the bombs. But, the question ruled on all the brains….. ”Only One?”

This speaks about how much we value the lives here. It is a common phenomenon in India that people plant bombs and people die. People die because of accidents and no one takes any action to prevent them; People die of hunger and no one cares a damn about it; People die of lack of medical attention, but the hospitals doesn’t admit for the lack of money and no one has time to look into the matter; People get killed since one wanted to marry another belonging to a different ‘caste’ and it is termed honour killing!

Strangely enough, We, as a nation fail to stand affirm clutching against the terror.

The communal clashes, the community clashes, the regional fights, protests supporting a Govt., protests against a Govt., the Naxal movement, the border disputes, political turmoil, now the terror…. List is endless. An Indian day has all the ingredients of a masala movie flick.

But then, why can’t we stand as a Country, just keeping aside all our differences, keeping aside our individual feeling of faiths, notions, and egos? Why can’t we just have one ‘Indian’ community rather than ‘Hindu’, ‘Muslim’, ‘Christian’, ‘Dalit’, ‘Buddhist’ etc communities? Why don’t we celebrate the living, why do we mess it by calling it names? Why don’t we believe in ‘One for All, All for One’ slogan? Where did our own ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ concept perish? Finally, why should we kill our fellow human beings in whatever name be it?

Atrocious is the fact that it is done in the name of religion, honour and faith. The fact that no religion teaches one to fail the tolerance, is forgotten; the fact that no religion offers to kill innocent people to teach others, that no faith teaches to barbecue the others’ faith, is all forgotten. And hence, we can’t avert the miss deeds of some abolished minds.

I hope and wish soon the sense prevails in all of us to stop behaving in such shameful manner and work towards making our society a free fable for the coming generations. Lets passé at least the remaining phase of our lives with peace.


ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

strong words! good article.

M O H A N said...

Definetly what you say is 200% correct but,

When human mind is exposed to continious damage of the above nature, it starts ignoring it as a matter of fact.

In fact in a study it has been found that that in the last 3 years maximum casualty has been in war ravaged Iraq followed by INdiA!!

High time people rose in unision and kicked out the butt of terrorissum.

Anonymous said...

Hi... Bravo Srik ! Very well expressed...And very thought provoking too...