13 January 2009

Ghajini - See it to believe it!!

Ghajini, probably the only movie (I know) that derives its title from the main villain. One line review of this movie is a pure out and right South Indian masala movie with Hindi lip movements, what more, excellently done!!

Yes, all thru the movie, I was somehow feeling that I am watching a Telugu or a Tamil movie, where stupidity is magnified and shown as more sense, and where the masculine power of one man is more than the multiple times that of hundred others.

Ghajini glorifies that stupidity, but still stands out as one of the best entertainers of the year! Aamir, has excelled in his portrayal of Sanjay Singhania, a business tycoon turned a killing machine!

For a second, I shuddered, sweated trying to put me in Sanjay’s shoes; one who can remember only what he did in the last 15 mins, and some one who’s’ hard drive is gone in an accident. If I am to live like that, I would rather shoot myself dead, or live with some friend who keeps me company all the while, reminding who and why I am there!

But, unfortunately, Sanjay Singhania can not do so, since he had a mission to accomplish, to find and kill the man responsible for his state. Probably the only thing he remembers from that fateful night, when the tragedy strikes upon him, was the name Ghajini; That justifies the title of the movie.

His bubbly, socio-conscious sweetheart was murdered and for a no fault of her, and to save the ‘good’ name of Ghajini. When Kalpana (Asin, the heroine) rescues 25 young girls out of a flesh trafficking, she gets unnecessary limelight. Ghajini, a respectable man in the society with a hidden face that is ugly, corrupt and cruel, gets behind her for she had spoilt his flesh trade by busting it in train.

He plans to and executes her killing. The scene is horrifying, and very very emotional. In front of his eyes, Sanjay loses his sweetheart, and is totally helpless about it. At the height of the moment she confesses in his ears who is responsible for it, Ghajini. He survives that attack on life, to live with a mental disorder, without a hard drive to save his memory. To fight the short term memory, he notes down all the important aspects, keeps the pictures of important people, things; carries a camera which buzzes every 15 mins to remind him about its existence!

The movie successfully puts the audience in Aamir’s shoes and makes them feel sorry about that living. Aamir has produced, yet again, a powerful performance.

Three things that doesn’t work in this movie –
3. The logic…. Of not making it a “Breaking News” when a successful businessman’s fiancĂ©e is murdered, who herself was on news a day before for busting the flesh trafficking. Also, the businessman himself is attacked horrendously, and no “Breaking News” of it!! Such cliches are evident in almost all scenes.

2. Ghajini – the villain. He is stupid and very mediocre! He acts as if he is born without a brain, and in every appearance, justifies that fact.

1. Music!! I hate to review and condemn something that A R Rahaman has done, but both the background score and songs are pretty much non-Rahamanic this time, even the much popular Guzarish :(

Three reasons why this movie WORKS
3. Aamir’s fantastic body! I am not exaggerating, or misquoting. This really works! He has tried very hard and sculpted his body to perfection. To watch a macho body like that is a real excitement. I’m not surprised he did it so perfectly, since there was always a point to prove to the great King Khan!

2. Asin as Kalpana, has excelled in her powerful role. Her lovely face, wonderful show of emotions, superb antics all thru her stint in the movie are just too much to miss. As a lady who believes in herself and has very little expectation from the world; the one who always keeps an eye open to contribute to the society, Asin has done exceedingly well! She is a revelation on screen, a treat to watch.

1. Kalpana sells her car off to raise money for Sachin’s mother. Sachin is the face of Sanjay that Kalpana knows(If you get confused, watch the movie). Kalpana never gets to know who she was marrying with. In her view, Sachin is an ordinary model, who is working hard to establish himself in life; on the other hand, Sanjay, her real man, is a multi millionaire business head!! When Sanjay was to leave for a business meeting, he lies to Kalpana that he was going to his village since Mother is sick, and he needed to take care of her. She helps him by selling her ‘ambassador’ car and raising the money! If this is the only scene in the movie, I’d still go to watch it! Aamir rocks in this particular scene. So does Asin.

I’d recommend you to Watch this movie!


Raghu!! said...

Yep!! Aamir and Asin ROCK!.. Music of OK....better in Tamil... Screen play is full of masala.... Could have handled this unique concept properly... watch Momento for that!

I liked the movie because of Asin n then Aamir...

mouna said...

i would say: see it for timepass. it's not something that one should see it. it's violent as most tamil movies are.
naa hindi nodilla, tamil noDidde. music-wise, tamil du chennagide...

Arni. Vani said...

Oh My God! U, Hard Core SRK fan!
Unable to fathom that u wrote about Aamir! My jaw is dropping to the ground!

I saw the Tamil version and I felt Surya's done a great job....he looks more realistic...with Aamir I feel its more a put-on............