19 January 2009

Arishinagundi - The Turmeric Pond!

"Arishinagundi jalapaata : The Arishinagundi water falls"

River Souparnika, takes birth in the mountains and in her quest to reach out to sea by paying tributes to Goddess of Kollur, jumps lavishly from a height of around 200-250ft.

This place has come to be called Arishinagundi (lake of turmeric), probably known for the miraculous curing powers of the waters here. Water is pure and refreshingly soothing.

We hardly get to swim in sweet water, and this is one such heavenly carved out place!

Check it out today, if you have not yet done so :-)

Disclaimer: Please forgive me for the human noise in the background. That is something falsely added up in the video, which this divine place is completely void of!!


Aravind GJ said...

Nice place!! Planning to go sometime.

Prashanth M said...

I want to go there again. Not to Kodachadri, but only to Arishinagundi :)

jolly said...

nice blog title. loved to be a backbencher in school and i still am

Vinay Murthy said...

As I understand, it is called so, not because of its healing powers, but also because - when the setting sun on the western coast, puts its crimson rays onto the falls in a particular season, it looks like a gundi full of arishina.

Sanjay M said...

heavenly is indeed the right word - and nicely captured 360 degree view - I hope to visit this place some time!