10 March 2009

Hale and ............. Healthy!!

Yes. I am doing good and I shall be back soon! Meanwhile just wanted to post a 'Hi' with an old photo that was shot in a beautiful landscape.

I wish I be a 'masakkali' and 'ud' 'purr purr' in the 'Badal ki colony'...... But work assignments not allowing me to do that, as of now....

Yeah... I have a lot to write and share, but that has to wait for some more time!

Srik :)


praneshachar said...

great to hear you will be back soon with a post and also u r hale and healthy we know once u reach home someone will be waiting for your aliya so HW jorage irbeku chennagi made munde use agutte!!!!!!!!
waiting eagerly for your wirings
have a great weak ahead

mouna said...

was wondering where u had dissapeared. then i realisd that this disappearance is a natural thing. anyways, what happened to the " i'll post photos and sayings on the assigned days "? u did assign yourself with this task, alva?

take care

Pradeepa said...

Get ready, how it will be to have KP phase two this rainy season ?
Just want to say hi.. how are you?

ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

Its again the time to inform us about your whereabouts...