29 December 2006

Avalokana - A retrospect

All, have a blast this new-year’s day and achieve wonders thru the coming year :).

2006 was really an eventful year for me.

I have to categorize the year based on three different aspects... Personal, Friends and Family.

On Personal grounds, it was fabulous. I experienced Bellari (Hampi) summer, a monsoon trek in Agumbe and Sringeri, a winter trek at Sharavati valley.
Here and there, I did a Hyderabad, Davanagere, Gorur and Mysore trips. Had been on a few short bike rides too. In all, it was personally a fantastic tour-filled year for me personally. Also, this is the year I was introduced to the world of blogging and I started my own blog. I can’t write more about it. I re-started my music classes and visited a few places where my visit mattered to a certain extent (About it sometimes later).

My friends.. The year where my friend circle grew, just from my school friends, college friends, hostel friends, now I have a very intellectual MB friends!! Meeting them all had been a fantastic and thrilling thing I experienced in 2006. Ranganathittu trip was an added feather to it :)
Apart from it, a few of my friends got married this year. Two got engaged and three got married in the same calendar year. And I attended all of them, so, cant ask for more, isn’t it. It was a wonderfully threaded(!) year for my friends. Also, how can I not mention about those wonderful gifts a few of my friends got in the form of babies. Yes, a few became proud parents.

For my family, it was a fabulous year, we had our own house constructed and shifted there in Feb2006! we shifted off from our native to Bangalore, our scattered family in re-union! We had a family trip to a mutt called Swarnavalli near Sirsi in 2006 for one uncle's Shashtyabdi. It was a fantastic experience again.

2006 had its lowly moments for me as well. My father met with a small accident and had to undergo a surgery. That ended being strenuous and pressure some period for us.

It had another ugly face, my Dodamma succumbing to the deadly diabetic related ill ness. She was a wonderful musician and it is an unfortunate thing for us to lose her.

In all, 2006 had its share of good, bad and ugly moments for me. It also had better and best moments.

So, I must rate this year among one of the best ones for me, considering all the fun and events.

Happy new year!!


bellur said...

great to know about all the gains you had in 2006.

wish you a fantastic new year

praneshachar said...

great you have lot of good to cherish in 2006 let 2007 be more eventful and let it bring cheers to all.
wish you all a very happy prosperous healthy eventful 2007

Prashanth M said...

thats a nice recall of the year.. this made me to write my experiences :)

wish you a happy & prosperous new year

Vani said...


So you had your share of "Bevu-Bella" in the past year.

Here's hoping that the "Bella" Part of next year be the most dominant in your life.

Wish you a very happy new year.

December Stud said...


Very nice..and I hope you will have a wonderful 2007 as well.

Make sure Prashanth does not sue you for copyrigth infringement on the usage of 'avalOkana' :)

Also, I am quite curious as to the "More Later" section of the post where you say your rpesence was quite required ;)

Mahesh said...

wish you a happy new year to you and your family.

mouna said...

a lot to cherish from the year gone by, have a pleasant new year! cheers!

Srik said...


Thanks a ton for all the good wishes.

>> Make sure Prashanth does not sue you for copyrigth infringement on the usage of 'avalOkana' :)

Prashant might not do it as copyright act is not still a popular one in India, its suitable only to the NRI minds ;)

welcome to backbencher's page.

Bevu-Bella wish is supposed to be given on Ugadi day, but since new year's day is English Ugadi, so no problems ;).

Deepshikha said...

interesting insights..

John said...

Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.

Srik said...

Deepshika and john,
Welcome to the backbencher's page!