01 December 2006


Now, people..!
You know, I know..and all the frequenters at Mukthabalaga know about the screen above. Due to some bug in some code of wordpress plugin, sanjay's blog behaves weird sometimes.

And you know..we being so much addicted to it, have no option but to get frustrated looking at it, curse it and click on refresh with a ray of hope.
We are, by now, almost used to all the Hmmmmms.....Grrrrrrrrrs etc... with this weird screen.

I, as always, had a weird thought of making this screen my next blog item, and here it is... :)

And one more thing...If u get that screen again on mukthabalaga, feel free to come here and continue with the wonderful discussion that is going on. This is also wrt some of the members suggesting one of the other bloggers having a back-up page somewhere so that no one needs to feel lost in the hucks of hues or wherever...


Veena Shivanna said...

Thanks Srik.

Sanjay, pls check whether you can remove that maths algorithm which you rented from wordpress which was supposed to be a SPAM filter. I guess that is the culprit. It weblog was down, then professor's blog should have also be down if they belong to the same domain. Wordpress server is up because of which I am able to access Bellur's blog. I doubt on the component which is making that DB connection when you bring up the blog as part of the connection process!

Lets check this one. Srik, thanks for this one. Its always good to have a backup for anything in life. I mean it.. Backup helps...!
You ought to manage your priorities but! jeevana kalisutte paaTa parvaagilla. nange blog important aagidre nimage bere irabahudu so acceptable! Nothing more was intended!...

I thought we will meet today to felicitate our WIKITAKAVI. Well, as srik says there is always Tommorrow, I really hate this one anytime ;-)

Srik said...

Pleasure is mine!!
It was nice talking to you today.

I thought we will meet today to felicitate our WIKITAKAVI. Well, as srik says there is always Tommorrow, I really hate this one anytime ;-)
I'm pleased as I was unable to join you guys had the meet went on as planned!!

December Stud said...

Ahhhh...I guess I am not allowed to visit your blog anymore ;)

Vani said...


So we have taken one step forward instead of 2 steps to the side....some action seen from our last bench huduga.

So swalpa niraalavaagirabahudu naavella blog addicts! you are supplying our daily dose.

Srik said...

Hey DS,

You are not taking it in right sense, I guess!!

You are welcome here anytime, form anywhere..!

This section is my dedication for the people who are the reason behind my blog-entry!!

I'll still be continuing with my other entries. You need not feel left out!! Pls...nanna nambi..pls. :-)

Srik said...

First step, of cource, but u know one thing? Sanjay's blog is up today, but Muktha page is missing from it!!

How can we digest that news, now?!

Vani said...


it is like dangling a favorite toffee in front of a child and not allowing him to have the toffee....

So near, and yet so far!

Please do something.

Veena Shivanna said...

It should be up now alva ?
raama raama!
anthu urgent alli ajji mainerada kathe aaytu biDi idella ;-)

Sanjay M said...

heh heh this is really funny... :)

Veena you remind me of my manager but since you're not I can less diplomatic with you in telling you - believe me that maths algorithm (spam filter) has NOTHING to do with it :)

Appreciate your analysis but the servers are not the same there's the .com and .us extension difference.

Sanjay M said...

Wrt my first line above - I was referring to the screenshot and post.

Veena Shivanna said...

I was so eager to look into today's discussion. but ?? matte sanjay's site is down!
oh houda.. ? later I noticed that .com & .us extension!
Offlate there has been some upgrades in wordpress servers because of which Ramki's , Vijay's & DS's post have become too bad to look at!

December Stud said...

LOL Srik... was just pulling your leg.....I believe you :)

Srik said...

I was trying to pull ur leg by putting a Kannada serial's popular dialogue ;) LOL...!!

Veena Shivanna said...

Blog seems to be down, I am seeing some Gateway error.. I was not connected since looong time.. ! Have production install on 9th december.
Does anybody remembers this day ? Dec 6th.. Babri Masidi Tragedy!

December Stud said...

Yeah right...trying to use a dialogue from a kannada serial on me...how clever :)

biTbiDamma guru, nammaMtha baDapAyigaLu Kannada serial nODalla....;)