05 February 2007

Coming soooooooooon

Hi all,

I am sorry for not being here regularly off late. I had been put thru some hard times at family front. Also at work, I was spending some sleep less nights. Now, things seem slightly better. I hope to be back again with some good stuffs.

As a first exercise in this regard, I have a travelogue ready now with detailed update on my days in a forest. I will post this as a series. This will be a new experiment with blogging as far as I am concerned. Daily one new story or a continuation of some story from previous day. In this way, at least I will have a constant flow of posts on my blog. Backbencher’s ramblings will continue to be un-affected with this new effort of mine.

Hope you will receive it well and shower upon me your encouragement.

People, I’m coming soooooooooooooon. Just watch for the experiences and experiments of a backbencher in a new avtaaar.



Vani said...


Yes, it's been a tough year for you so far. Here's hoping that your crises end at this juncture and you have a successful and cheerful year ahead.

Look forward to the travelogue.

Prashanth M said...

Good luck Srik & Waiting for the daily stories... :)

mouna said...

new avataar ;) shoot!!

Srik said...

Thanks a lot friends.
I am sure to keep up the commitment this time.

December Stud said...

Ahhhh...new avatar....ohhh man !!!

Welcome back ;)

Vijay said...

Srik: Yaava avataara paa? Looking forward to it..

oi said...

hey, hope you are getting through whatever troubles you are facing... :)