22 February 2007


Kalam sir says “Its not when you sleep you dream. Its one which doesn’t let you sleep”!!

Yes, Dreams are as important as that. These things give a meaning to one’s livinghood. As far as I see, a combo of the following three is a verymuch necessary ingradient for a successful life: Dream, Plan and Hardwork.

OK. Let me not give you any Gyaan on these things. I'm here to answer the tag that Prashanth has given me today.

Here I list some dreams that haunted me…still haunt me… I take it as my day dreams but still…..

1. Me traveling all over India, trying to meet every person, living in every village, visiting every temple, learning about their compulsions, traditions, living conditions…..And finally reporting to the Govt. about their requirements and working towards it!!! Weird, I know. And weirder is the fact that I am traveling on a bicycle :)

2. Me reading all the books of all the writers of all the languages J is another weird and un-accomplishable dream.

3. Me starting a company and employing 1 crore people, across the spectrum, from a mechanic to an MBA, start many schools from the profit, build houses to those living in slums…..

Oh!! Kanthu….Stop Dreaming!!!!

Now my turn to tag :

OK. Let me tag….
1. Beloved DS(December Stud)
2. Serial oooops Silent Killer(mouna)
3. A doctor who wants to learn flying(reborn)
4. The fundoo finance master(m o h a n)
5. Wide variety OI(Opinionated Indian)

I am doing one more thing extra to the tag given by Prashanth. I am adding a tag to a Photoblog. So, from now on…it has to be 5 bloggers and 1 photo blogger. My Photoblogger choice is
None other than our Pantulamma (Veena Shivanna).

You know what…I had not taken RK’s tag a few month’s back. Its due now!!

OK let me take that tag aswell. [Since this is a pending tag, I don’t wish to tag anyone on this!! If someone wishes to take this from me, let me know thru destinationsrik at yahoo dot com].

OK…Here are the 8 things about me that you don’t know.
1. I have a very bad attitude of taking everything that comes my way to be granted, and thus taking it easy.

2. I have this habit of representing the under-represented during any discussion or a show. I mean, suppose during a tennis match, if world number 12 is playing against no.100, I vie for 100 to win, and if 12 is playing against 1, I want 12 to win!!!! Weird and true. I mean, I like to be with those who are not well supported.

3. When my sister got married, as soon as my BIL was tying the knot, I was feeling like going and hitting him for taking away her :-(

4. I like reading novels or fictions, but discussing philosophy. On the other hand, I don’t like discussing novels and reading philosophy.

5. I feel I am emotionally, physically very strong, but the former has been proved many a times wrong. Later, Yes, I am and am proud of it.

6. I wanted to be a doctor, to serve people, mainly to be interacting with hundreds of them, study their features and be in the company of 100s that’s it. But landed in IT, where mostly I have no company :-(.

7. I had been to a Mutt recently near Sirsi. I had been there for a family celebration. My whole family was around, cousins and all. We cousins decided to take bath in a stream that flowed near the temple area, had to walk a bit though. Morning we were to be ready by 7 for the ceremony to start. Got up at 6 and saw everyone sleeping still. I woke everyone up, they got up one by one. And I asked them to start for the river, they were all shivering because of the cold environs of the Mutt. It was decided that everyone will take bath there itself. Discouraged by the development, I walked down to the river alone, and got myself washed with the cool waters. It was cold like hell, but I didn’t care. I introduced this story only to tell you that if I plan something, even if no one accompanies me, I dare to do it, even if it is risky and un-welcome.

8. I give this one to you. Let me know what you guys have to add to my personality that you guys have been “observing” from quiet a time. ;)


reborn said...

i really wish u realise ur dreams ..Give me also some cool job..

be careful ..if u r not married, i hope ur wife s brother will not feel the same way towards u on the day of marriage and u get punched !!

praneshachar said...

may god bless you with all and yes one need to be emotional otherwise you are not material.
which mutt you are mentioning near sirsi sir?
Dream and what are feasible in that dream plan and then excute those by you sheer hard work then nothins is impossible
I feel some of your dreams mentioned by you fall in this category get set and go..........
again supporting always the one who needs is a very good thing. even if they loose nothing happens and if they turn the tables and win and you can not imagine the hapiness.
one ex: India winning the world cup (Prudential cup) in 1983. I was in bhadravathi not TV only commentary what a day to celebrate never we though india will make it after the low score but what a magic and in spite of all the low score still we wanted india to win
and they did it. underdogs were joint killers and dream of clive llyod to celebrate hatric of world cup wins shattered.

I firmly believe you are a go getter. a very systemetci guy and realising so many dreams like visiting places so much of knlowledge bank authority on so many things ( yes really!!!) more than anything a true human being.
all the best from the core of my heart srki srki srik srik

Srik said...

very nice of you to wish me so. Yes, Im still unmarried, but looking ;). I think its nice to have a BIL for all the fights that follow.

more than anything a true human being.!!!!!
:D I didnt know that!!

Thanks for all the wishes.

Well... let me also know who answers my tag first.

veena shivanna said...


enri idu nimma kathe...?

nimma bagge nanna abipraayagaLu aagaaga badalaagta iratte. kelav sala tumba tumbe impress aagbiDteeni, kelv sala haage keLag beeLodu saha.. vaadakke nintare neevu yaarigeno kadime illa... :-)

veena shivanna said...

My photoblog posts are active only one perday.
well, you can access this static link to read about my dreams!
Thats a good topic to blog about, many of the short stroy writer adopt this one for their writings(speically some murder episode or some other scary ones!!, where in by the time the person realises, it was a dream..)


Prashanth M said...

wonderful dreams! Srik...

praneshachar said...

sirsi hattira yava mathakke hogiddri hele illa sodeno athava swarnavalli no athava bere inneno?

Srik said...

Adu Swarnavalli matha. Very joyful atmosphere!!

Beligge beligge vedic chants na keliskota idre manassige yeno hitha. Mathe alli ondu visheshavada Sreechakra ide adanna pooje madodu swayam swamiji. He starts pooje at 4AM and gets off the seat at 11AM!! Continuous 7 hours pooje!! Quiet amazing and the vibrations around the place is tremendous. The whole place is noiseless, pollution free and divine. River that touches this holy land is joyful aswell.

praneshachar said...

I have heard about the place and the serene atmoshere and the hospitality of the people there in the mutt. I have not gone there and thanks for updating on the Special SriChakra very great