19 February 2007

Meghane trek log - V

07:20 PM :
After reaching a point, Nayana asked all of us to switch off our batteries, as that might warn the animals and they might turn violent, also, the artificial lighting would limit our vision to only one part of the road, and it doesn’t help us be wary of what’s happening around.

That was a great suggestion in fact, we got adjusted to the chauti(fourth)-moon’s light, and it was a great experience to be walking amidst a thick forest in the darkness of night without any artificial lighting. The experience showed us how addicted we have been for the artificialities of life and how good life is without them all!!

After the night trek in the forest for about 1.5hrs, and thru the flowing water on road, and thru an old woody small bridge, accompanied by some songs and jokes, we were at the gates of our palace for the night. Suddenly, there was a very big noise, emerging from a thick bush of shrubs. We stopped. Nayana predicted it to have been made by a few rabbits. Poor fellows must have been afraid of these unusual invaders thru night.

08:35 PM : We entered the compound, and searched for the house of Nayka, where we were to reside that night. Padu Beedu was the name of the village. It must have been 18-20KMs trek that day which took us there. Family members of Nayka were surprised and felt happy to find us there at that time of the day.

Probably they were preparing their beds to say quit for the day. The family head himself sat by us guiding us where to and how to make fire and all such things. We first prepared tea and had a few gulps each one of us. By the time dinner was ready, we made the bonfire in the porch leading from the front entrance of the house.

We made a full circle around the fire and tried to identify a few galaxies and stars amidst that sky. The sky looked so different from that we encounter in the city. Millions of galaxies were up there, we neednt go to a planetarium to watch them live!!

Food was served to all the very hungry people, we had a leisurely dinner at 10PM, and prepared the spreads and pullers to sleep. But the bonfire that was afloat didn’t allow us do it. There was a session of songs. Sandeep sang very well. Manoj also presented a song.

All the married men, Sampath, Dwarka and Ravindra gave tips to the bachelor boys on how important is the savings, and how good it is to start well ahead of marriage. Some said real estate, some said mutual funds or equity linked plans, but all of them agreed on to a point that investment must be smart and secured. It must be retirement plan, not for the immediate gains or something.

Next thing was the introduction of one and all, in detail this time, on how one spends time, who does what basically and habitually. Everyone seemed to have impressive back record.

Sharat seemed a brilliant student, excelled at studies and had secured university ranks in a few subjects. Applauses!! He also turned out to be a good painter.

Subbu turned out to be an outstanding student too. He had secured a rank in his batch too, also, he had an experience to share, that he had been a student at Dharmasthala Manjunatha hostel which is a popular residential school, situated at Ujire.

Datta had a peculiar interest, in Vedic hymns, while Rajsekhar had a strong interest in Vedic mathematics. Usha shared an interest in Sahitya, while Dwarka, a BahurupiyaJ. Ravindra shared some of his Japanese experiences. Dwarka and Sampath shared some of their strange experiences from previous treks, including a detailed account on religious conversions among the tribal.

Everyone in the team turned out to be a champion, hard worker and immensely interested in Indian and Kannada culture, literature and philosophy. Very much impressive account and time of the trip was this moment. Everyone shared similar tastes and interests, discussed varied topics thru the night.

There were discussions on how our ancestors drew Rangoli, encompassing many modern laws of geometry and trigonometry in them. How Indian astronomers fared well ahead of their times. There were a few moments dedicated for astrological sciences, astrology as a science. It was nice to be discussing great things with learned people. There was a talk about automobiles too. How can one miss out the topic of nuclear treaty with the US and other political happenings when learned people are around. Much and little were discussed about the Indian views of cosmic energy and how Indians follow Bhagavadgeeta in their daily lives, knowingly or unknowingly. It was a time well spent. All was going well until one of us had a look at his watch. It was 2:30AM next day!! That played the culprit and we all went in and slept for the night. Nayana and Madhu were already on their mats. We found some place for everyone and rested our minds reeling in the joy of coming all the way, enjoying every moment of it. Joy had one more reason that there was only one more day to be spent, before being back at home.

One thing was missed out in the previous account. Its nothing but a small amount of impressive talk with the people inside the house. They were discussing many stories of the forest and how they live with no amenities, where do they study and all such stuffs. There were 10 houses in the village, each house was at a fair distance from each other, had to live with all the wild animals, and had to trek for 3-4Kms for a primary school. One interesting story was that of a villager getting busted by a wild bear. It had dismantled his face and skin, it seems, he was taken immediately to a city hospital. He recovered slowly, though.

P.S. : Pictures are a recap of the previous post.

To be concluded…………


praneshachar said...

galaxy of stars discussing on various topics and are are schloars in their own. wonderful yes it is the interest of all of you which really makes me happy that kale sahitya sangeetha samskruthi will survive will not fade away in the concrete jungle and junk foods. wonderful narration and hats of to all those who were in this groups
Three cheers to all those who dared to trekk looking forward for a opt concluding part which should be a magnificient muktaya of the trekking expedition. It gave me an rough idea about the problems and the joy and difficulties you must have undergone
kudos to all

praneshachar said...

heart felt condolenses to three trekkers who lost their lives during their adventure and their bodies identified now after nine months.
May god give sufficient strength to all the bereaved families to withstand this great loss
a tragedy in the life of adventurists. silent tribute to each one of them