20 April 2007

Akshaya Thrithiya

Today is "Akshaya Thrithiya", one of the most auspicious days on a Hindu calendar.

Legend says that if you invest one Rupee on this day, it grows to be an infinite billion.
Not only Rupees, any investment for that matter, will grow innumerable times.

One fine morning, during their forest stint, in Mahabharata, Pandavas performed their morning worships and later they had their lunch, prepared by their wife, Draupadi.
Soon after their lunch, there came a delegation of roaming saint (Rishi) Durvasa, consisting himself. And it were times when a visitor was considered to be as a God and if the visitor was a saint, then he must be satisfied before leaving the visited place...or else...wrath of him might ruin the family...Durvasa was known to be an angry saint.

Draupadi checked her kitchen, there was no stock in her stores, neither the rice she cooked that day had any remains...She was worried about her future. Already suffering a wrath of Gods in the forest, she had no choice but to pray at Lord Krishna.

Once she finished her prayers, she was mesmerised to find Krishna himself at her door. He asks Draupadi to serve him his lunch. Draupadi concedes in him her troubles.

Krishna says, “if you give me one grain from your hands, its enough for me.” Draupadi checks her utensil, finds a single grain and serves it to Krishna with a Tulasi (the Basil Plant) leaf.

He grins with satisfaction of a huge lunch. Exactly then, whole gang of Durvasa comes home from a bath at the river, and declares that none of them felt like having lunch. They were all satisfied with what Draupadi offered Krishna, one grain of rice!!

And then Draupadi was blessed by Krishna with a utensil that would cook itself food enough for any number of people, whenever asked for. That is called "Akshaya Paathre"(Utensil that can meet no end).

And the day of this display of devotion by Draupadi is called "Akshaya Thrithiya", third day after the first month in spring (Vaishakha Shuddha Thrithiya).

Today, this day is widely celebrated across India as a gold buying festival...and innumerable offers to lure the customers are available in all the jewellery malls...


anand balaji said...

I hate the crass commercialisation of Akshaya Thrithiya nowadays by traders. As though no one bought utensils/jewellery in the age of no advertising.

Srik said...


Its a sad development. These are the darker effects of the advent of media I think. Advertising brings everyone money.

I am worried about the festivals losing their original colours, example Diwali being turned into bonanza time for these commercializers and the smoothness behind the festival is slowly deminishing. People wait for Diwali 'offers' and stupid gifts they throw at us to buy some product and blah blah.

People talk of the commercialization of Christmas in America, let them witness Diwali here in India...and latest addition to it is Akshaya Tadige.

anand balaji said...

Yeah, couldn't agree with you more buddy. Almost all of our festivals are taken over by wily advertisers!

I guess people love to get taken for a right royal ride with so-called discounts and what-not. They submit to the whims of the market meekly.

I find galleries selling cards and other memorabilia to mark Mother's Day ludicrous! That day needs to be celebrated by Americans and Westerners for they live away from their parents from an early age. It's the opposite here!

neela said...

Another festival gone down the market lane!!
Festivals would earlier be family and extended family time. Now it is marketing and getting duped time.:(
The main beneficiaries are the ad agencies and card manufacturers.

reborn said...

I knew this story , but did nt know it was related to this auspicious day ..Thanks :)

As far as celebrating this day is concerned , I think it has to do with more of giving to less fortuned , as it would return in abundance ..like how so many of their hunger was satisfied by one grain given to krishna.. But sadly, now people are busy buying things for themselves non stop...

mouna said...

commercialization of everything possible. and the money that these people make. pray, why only gold? if this day is so auspicious, why can't we do a good deed?

the craving that goes in for gold, is simply copious. is midas to repeat itself? i guess so!!

Veena Shivanna said...

Srik, Why does such days come in the month end man ? hmmmm ??
The Bank guys might think of offering free credit on this day & or some prizes for swiping more than x amount on that day! Wait for such things next time, its just picking up :-)
Thanks for linking Akshaya paatre with trithiya..

Srik said...

"I guess people love to get taken for a right royal ride with so-called discounts and what-not."

very nicely and aptly stated, Anand.

neela, yes, card makers are encashing on the family sentiments in India..like "Mothers' day", "Sisters' day" etc...
Tell me... does the friendship require any band to declare the strength of the same? Where will all these take us?

reborn, thats a noble way of doing, right? People are always engaged in thinking about themselves... just remembered the amount of gold collected from the residence of Mysore sandal chief when Lokayuktha rode his house last year.
Yes, festivals are meant to be for joyous times spent with friends, loved ones, relatives. Alas, we are traveling in a wrong direction all tooo far!!

SK, is midas to repeat itself? i guess so!!

Hmmm well... midas has already come down and settled properly in every human being...everyone of us... Wish there was a way to eliminate that guy.

veena, shhhh that will give hint to the already 'generous' urban banks to rule over the customer gods in spoiling them further!!
You could use your credit card for it, I guess. Month end....hmmm I guess Draupadi didnt have such calendars, nor did Durvasa follow any such month-end anologies ;)

praneshachar said...

Akshya thrithiya is supposed to be the most auspicious day in hindu calender for doing any thing you need not see muhurtha on this day and it is believed it will bring prosperity akshyavagi.
but alas how this craze of buying is commercially exploited by saying book early and take delivery in special counters so many offers like buy gold take equal qty of silver free etc etc. but it is mad rush in all jewellary shops be it city or outskirts or even in moffusils.
I don't remember to have seen this craze in my child hood or even when I was in college in hospet now suddenly so much is talked about. festival and its importance is forgotten and spending spree and competition has taken over

Mysorean said...


Interesting background to Akshaya Trithiya. Was wondering for a long time what this entire "shopping festival" meant?

But still there isn't any logical connection with the story to the happenings of today!