12 April 2007

Remembering a legend

Fans garlanding the photograph of legendary Kannada thespian and a model Kannada activist, Dr. Rajkumar on the eve of his first death anniversary in Bangalore.

Rajkumar has been a synonym for Kannada film industry for about five decades now.
His memory will forever be etched in all the Kannada minds. I salute this great man today.


T|ttozz said...

sakath ????

Vijay said...

A great man. A gentle soul.

The only regret I have even today was that he was not sent off with the dignity that befits his greatness...

neela said...

Somehow I too was reminded of the last minute frustration of the family last year when they couldn't have a peaceful darshana of their Raj.
Raj-- A man who has unknowingly united kannadigaas and created a sense of nammatana.

reborn said...

I m glad this time there were o untoward incidences ...

I was not a fan of his , until i watched his movies , like Sri krishna Devaraaya, Bhabruvaahaa ..etc.. Great movies !

Srik said...

For all those who dont like Dr.Rajkumar,

Here is the must see list..
1. Bhaktha Kumbhara
2. Bhagyavantharu
3. Kaviratna KaLidasa
4. Babruvahana
5. Kanakadasa
6. Mannina Maga
7. Sanadi Appanna
8. Sandhya Raga
many more.....

anand balaji said...

I don't quite agree that Dr. Rajkumar was "a model Kannada activist". If anything, he belonged to the whole of India and Karnataka.

Here was a man who regaled audiences of all hues — cutting across religious, cultural, age and other differences. He united us all in a manner no politician worth his salt could ever imagine; and yet, he was a private person, choosing to shy away from the media glare and staying away from controversy.

It is not fair to compartmentalise a towering person as him.

astroshiva said...

He was my favourite actor. I dont know how many times I must have watched Swarna Gowri, Lagna patrike, Kasturi Nivasa and Bhaktha Kanaka dasa.

Srik said...

Hmmmm Anand, point taken!!
astroshiva, Welcome here. Yes, I whole heartedly agree with you about Annavru!