17 April 2007

The Real essence of India.

A Traditional Indian festive evening. Real essence of India.

India has a very mystic presence in the eyes of a foreigner. But being Indian is a different feeling. Every day is a festival for people of this country. Every day is a celebration, every day an interaction with the divinity.

This video is a small introduction of how any celebration gets better with time. Here we have this Theru(A vehicle that carries God) all illuminated and loads of people pulling the chains to move the same. Dont forget to listen to the divine voice of Nadaswara(a south Indian musical instrument that is considered to be auspicious). A wonderful feeling to be a part of it all. Its here we meet many of our forgotten friends, and cherish the moment in the company of the Lord.

Come friends, lets go to one such place and enjoy being a part of it. :)

The place shown in the video above is Yeldur, the place where I was brought up.


bachodi said...

Theru - we call it "pallakki". I too used to carry god - utsava murthy. its thrilling , so much light and music.

Srik said...

Thanks for sharing.

haLLigaLalli idara majane bere. People wait to take part in such events.

citynalli beLLi theru antella madidroonoo it can't match with the real environment. yenanthira?

bachodi said...

yes saar,
for such a celebration, lights of torch/ lantan, music should be chende and rana kahale.
every house is decorated with small small lamps ( hanate )... to count it up it should be one lak ( thats why lakshadeepotsava )...

sire, your spam filter is not ON , spammers dont bother you is it ?

Srik said...

Rana kahale in our place will be replaced with tamaTe and Nadaswara.

torch lights are called as 'Panju'.
Lakshadeepa is usually observed in Karthika masa, whole month after Deepavali.

Hahhahaa...only Friends visit my blog, so no issues with spam/spammers :)

Vijay said...

Srik, did you capture the Video?

Srik said...


Yes. I did...and with a mobile camera, so is the quality... adjust madi please.

anand balaji said...

Lovely video. Good work!

Srik said...

Thanks Anand.

Maleah said...

People should read this.