28 September 2007

100 years of a revolution

I always have shared a regret….for not having born 80 years ahead in time. And the reason…Bhagat Singh.

I must admit that Bhagat Singh had a great impact on my ability to think for over years. I might disapprove some of his theories, but he remains one Hero for me who has touched my intellect for a life time.

My regret has a faith in the fact that I would be with him to bring about a revolution that would see a bright India from the day 1.

Well… I now believe…there lives a Bhagat Singh in each one of us…in every young heart today that can ignite a new revolution that can free India from the clutches of hypocrisy, dread and the corruption.

I salute this legend with the following visual tribute. These are some of the clippings of famous movies made on this legendary man.


Ay Watan song from the movie Shaheed


Rang de Basati Chola song from the latest movie The Legend of Bhagat Singh


Rang de Basati Chola song from the movie Shaheed

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