25 September 2007

Twenty Twenty that mesmerised

Three Indian moments that defined the cource of just concluded T20 World cup are as follows.

1. The defining ball of the tournament :

Ball of a lifetime for Joginder Sharma and the catch of a lifetime for Sreeshanth!!

2. Yuvraj Singh's scintillating knock against England :

Yuvraj Singh lambasting Stuart Brad

3. The first ever Bowl Out to put Cricket along side the Soccer :

The Bowl out against Pakistan in the league match

Hats off to the Indian team aptly lead by Dhoni for pulling out a sensational victory to bring home the coveted Cup of glory. Three cheers to the team for a brilliant effort on field.


Raji said...

Thanks for the links Sriks.

neela said...

HabbagaLa saalige idannu (T 20)serisibidi.
Truly enjoyable.

mouna said...

know what? i should have expected something on cricket from you. especially after the big win and all that :D

aren't we superb? we bring down those people when they loose and raise them to high levels when they are successful.

Srik said...

Raji, You are welcome :-)

neela, It was a day after Ganesh visarjana in Mumbai and the whole city was on festive mood yet again! The team not only win the world cup, but also the hearts of people out here.

mouna, I know you are against our cricketers.... for you like/dont like other games.

But Cricket is at the heart of Indian public today. There is no other game that is as close as cricket for us. Hockey is our national game, but we dont follow it with the same vigour. isnt it?

Also, Its our duty to praise them when they do well...and our cribs are not against the loss, but against the way they lose....meekly. If I were a Pakistani, I'd still be writing good things about the Paki team for their valiant effort in the competition.

Rohan said...

Thanks for the videos..just one thing ..it was first ever bowl out in world cup but not the first ever bowl out overall. NZ-WI share the honor for this.