12 September 2007

Say yes to the corrupt and transform them!!

Next time when someone demands a bribe to complete your work, dont say No, instead say Yes, and yet come out clean.... read the passage above to learn how! Believe me...it works...and works wonders!


Kalyan said...

Thats quite a novel idea to strike corruption just at its root. Politics & corruption is the biggest hindrances in India's Development process today.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting.
If it works nothing like it
When you place a'0 rupee' currency in their hand, the look on their face, it tickles :-)

Kadalabal said...

interesting one but it may work once once they get fooled these shameless
guys will ensure they are paid properly and not duped.
better to inform lokayukta and get them caught


December Stud said...

Yeah, I read about this a few weeks ago. A very interesting concept indeed....Should carry a camera phone and take a picture of the corrupt official when he sees the 0 rupee note :)

mouna said...

this is appreciable indeed. Well, they are being paid some zero amount of money, aren't they?

@anon, it tickles, really :D