05 November 2007

Schmooze blogger!!

Now.... Before you people forget the corner of this backbencher, let me accept my award that is pending for a long time now. I am a Schmooze blogger!!

Mee.......... :D :D :D

Yeah.. . I don't believe, but thats what Bellur tells me!

OKOK ..... Schmooze means Talking in a friendly manner....

And, Bellur, thanks for considering my tone as friendly :)

As I accept the award, I am not supposed to keep it also... So, it must be distributed among five more schmooze bloggers, Here they go....

  1. Anand Balaji, He ceased to exist as a blogger couple of months ago, but still I'd consider giving the award to him, since I know this great unknown as a
  2. Rajesh Naik, a hard core nomad, lives his dream of visiting all the places in Karnataka. He has travelled length and breadth of the state, from holy sites to the natural wonders. He has made a lot of friends in the process, and I am proud to have him read and comment on my posts. Here is your award Naik sir.
  3. Neela, a Teacher she may be, but she never tries to teach you, but puts her views in such a way that you will appreciate her to be the best teacher you ever had. Whats more, a friendly teacher, and that should qualify her for the award.
  4. Mohan, The Fundoo project manager, a financial expert, very knowledgeable in the Indian traditions, culture and heritage things. You talk to him for a few minutes, you will understand why he deserves this award...
  5. Bengalooru huDuga.... Naren. He is relatively a new entrant on my blogroll, but with what little we've interacted, he is proven to be one schmooze fellow!! So, this award to him. One secret let me make public. I have the honour of sharing the birthday with him!


Infolines said...

Thanks guru for the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mouna said...

congrats, what about some sweets? :D

neela said...


neel3 said...

You too are tagged..

rk said...

thanks for passing the awards, srik!

congrats to all the winners.

hope you all had a lovely deepavali.

have a great week ahead