22 November 2007

Video Journey continued..

Most popular
1. Nagamma's tryst with Lord

"Nagamma....My name is Nagamma. Aakashavaanili haadidini"

2. Western Ghats at Sunrise :

A documentary that was recieved well

3. Nyingmapa monastery :

Nyingmapa monastery at Bayalakuppe in Kodagu

My favourites :
1. Lazybums Rocks :

Lazybumsrocks, my college group, after 10 years, the love story continues...

2. Yeldur lit up for Ramanavami :

Yeldur, the place where I grew up, celebrates its existance during Ramanavami celebrations..

3. Shatavadhani R Ganesh :

Shatavadhani R Ganesh lecturing on why worshipping God as Mother is meaningful.

4. Mallalli falls :

Kumaradhara river forming a magnificient visual

5. Kuduremukha clouds :

Clouds dangling over Kuduremukha range

6. Gopalaswami betta :

Another encounter with clouds!

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