27 November 2008

India is a hostage under impotest politicians, incomepetent intelligence agencies

What is happening in Mumbai is a National Shame. The country is already a hostage to shameless politicians, and now.... we have our cities being awarded to terrorists.... like never before.

The buildings are being bombarded, lives being run thru, national pride shattered.

The 'real' terrorists have won the Gateway of India, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Surat, Azhamgarh, Delhi and all the places that make India!! What else are we left with? It is better to die in a battle with those terror mongers than to live in a shameful state.

I pray in God for Peace, not only to the souls that left us today in that holocaust, but also to those who are living in shame today.

Instead of keeping such enemies away, Indian Govt is busy torturing the local religious heads calling them terrorists and framing them in all the way possible. So, I say that the country is a hostage to the politicians.

We need not less than a ruthless youth movement that can erase this shameful chapter from our histories for ever.

I sometimes hold back when I call our police 'brave', but in the case of Mumbai, and too today, I have no option but to say Go 'brave men', kill the terrorists, rescue our cities (and if possible, please dont give it back to the politicians)!

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