17 November 2008

Mondays' Mirage - 2

A river rushing down with renewed spirit in her quest to reach the sea sooner.
In her effort to reach the Annwn, she goes places and fertiles the land and souls she flows by.

Thanking that huge energy and blessing, lets move ahead in our quest to realise that Utopian dream hidden in us!

Have a blessed week people :)

@in the pic: Cauvery energises herself as and when required to accelerate her journey towards the Bay of Bengal. This is a show of her selfless joy in working for others! As seen at Shivanasamudra during monsoon.

1 comment:

bellur said...

sakatthagide neerina aarbhata!

whenever i see the song 'maanavanaagi huttidamele' (jeevana chaitra), i wish there was as much water as there is in this picture. aa haadalli jog falls neeru makkalu ***** huydashtu thellage kaanattheno. (sorry about the comparison).