27 November 2008

Thought For the week - 3

"Keep your friends close. Your enemies, closer!"
- The Godfather.

Enemies are the ones whom you have to recognize and keep an eye on, earlier for better. So, keeping them with one always makes him aware of their moves and motives. Friends are close to one, and they are there to be trusted, and the enemies.... deserve a closer look! I feel there cant be a better statement depicting the chillness of a revange, as it seeks.

@The Godfather was a path defining novel that caught the imagination of a whole generation, in the US and elsewhere too. Written by Mario Puzo, this gripping novel was made into a motion picture in 1972 and proved a huge success. The story depicted the plight and imagery of Italian immigrants living in the USA, in a place known as a Little Italy. The lowly people indulging in mafia activities to make a living....and the story continues with a chilling tale of goodness, badness and revange. Reading it is a remarkable novel experience in deed. The Godfather, Vito Corleone advices his son, Michael these lines to shine in the family 'business'.

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