08 December 2008

Mondays' Mirage - 5

Climbing A Ladder to the Heaven

A ladder to the Heaven,
Was a precarious circus.
A weak lymp climbs up so easy
While a healthy bump makes it lossy!
It was a rust metal, with sloppy steps;
Order there was none, and the slant, eerie!

A ladder to the Heaven,
Was indeed a pleasurable ride;
Who makes it full, takes a pride.
Was difficult, but not estranged!

A ladder to the Heaven,
Calls him me and Thou, Alike;
Make no mistake, treatment belike.

A ladder to the Heaven, with its steps
Some slippery, some firm;
Some round, some not bound!

Those steps, step on me whilst-
I plunge half the transit, pruned!
- Srik

Have a step-up week, friend!

@in pic: Me 7 years ago at Talakaveri

1 comment:

Raghu!! said...

How can u say, step up week... after you take us to dream land with your wonderful words :).. Well may be I am not in my dream job still!!