29 December 2008

Mondays' Mirage - 8

A sweet memory
A hard-earned prize!
It is after a herculian effort you get to taste it.
It remains etched as a brave tablet, a memoir.
Similarly, this is an year-end and
A victory symbol for all of us.
That we have crawled past another year, another milestone!
We've learnt from it, as much gained from it.
Good, Bad memories are always there to carry forward.
We need to learn from them and keep
Applying our unique ideas to tackle the situation that
Arise in future.

Only point to remember on 31st Dec is
"I won".
Have a victorious week ahead, and a Grand New Year, friends!
@in pic: My friend Sathish on top of a pillar standing on a hill, posing after a victorious attempt at it


JustSo said...

nice pic,

long time, I must say :) thanks for the congratulations.

Im sure you have found the person in your life as well?

a very happy new year to you :)

praneshachar said...

haha any news srik
"I am sure you have found the person in your life as well? "
I Won really a great victory for your friend needs to be complimented and patted for a herculean effort successfully have a fun filled, rigorous, hectic and enjoyable year yah may wi have the opportunity to see you doubled then it will be a much more enjoyable year for you with you all the best from the core of my heart. all the best wonderful picture for a wonderful effort keep going