08 March 2007


Got this sms today from a friend. I thought I'd share it with you all.

When asked what forgiveness is, a little gal replied beautiful answer, "Forgiveness is the sweet scent a flower gives when it is being crushed!"

Good Wishes for Women's Day!!

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praneshachar said...

gtreat thought great comment

Srik said...

Thanks Pranesh sir.

bellur said...

brought tears in my eyes. what a thoughtful answer!

thanks srik.

Diya said...

Wonderful....So thought provokingly simle...No wonder they say " Out of the mouth of babes "

veena shivanna said...

Srik, aa photo tumba chennagide, nimma SHE anthu yaavaglu minchutiruttaaLe... Dialogue maatra full senti. Mungaaru MaLe effectaa ?

(tale kerkond kerkond gaaya aagogide or something similar)

veena shivanna said...

nimma blog roll nodi biddu biddu nakkiddaaytu.. it reminded me that song from shubha mangala.. ee shatamaanada maadari heNNu.. yaaaradru nodidre olle jagaL gaNti ankobeku hangide adu (shubha mangala dalli aarthi part gnaapskoLLi)


It should read: Forgiveness is the sweet scent that the little flower sheds on the heel of the foot that crushes it in the field.
I read this quote in Femina in 1991 and it has stuck in my memory ever since!

Srik said...

Thanks for the correction.
Welcome here :-)

mouna said...

very nice, what anand balaji said appears more suitable.

lovely flowers, heavenly!!

Anand Balaji said...

Thanks for your kind words Srik and Mouna.
Please drop by at my blog too.
Have a nice day!