27 March 2007

Maryada Purushottam Sri Raam ki Jai

Salutations to Lord Sri Rama on the auspecious day of Sri Ramanavami.
You can have a live experience of Ramanavami celebrations here!!
Ramanavami celebrations are on with full gusto across the country.
And here is my account of how it is being celebrated in my village YELDUR. It was published on thatskannada portal last year.


Neela said...

RamaNavami is celebrated on a grand scale in North India.The build-up to this begins on Ugadi as they consider those 9 days as basant navaraatri.Women fast and worship young girls(they see in them goddess durga )by washing their feet and giving them gifts.
Girls skip around chirping joyfully as (atleast)these days they are treated royally!!

Srik said...

Gr8 info Neela. Thanks.

I have a few friends who keep fast on these 9 days, and nine days during Navaratri too.

One in April and another in October, they say when in the cycle of seasons, there is a change in weather, at that twi-hour, if we keep fast, it helps cleaning the digestive system too. Religious fundas are never meant to be understood???

Also, worshipping young girls is a practice that is followed across the country. Its very common among those who worship God in the faminine spirit. These small girls are called as Kanya Muttaides.

reborn said...

i got lots to read on ur blog ...So many posts to read ...So will come back for commenting later :)