21 March 2007

Licence To Kill

It is a story that happened two years ago.

My friend offered to help me learn driving, car driving. She owned an omni. And I wanted to learn car driving by not going to a school. We planned the class format like every saturday one session of over 2 hrs until i learn. She would get the car, I would get the petrol filled.

That day i went to her house. And then we headed to a petrol bunk in the car and filled the petrol. There she took off and I was observing her skills of driving. We went to Gnanabharati university campus And she handed over the car to me...and sat besides.

I took off.

Frst half an hour in frst gear, she got scared at the speed i was driving. She asked me whether i knew driving, I swore i didn't knw. And then she said boys learn faster as they have in built skills for these things :)

Encouraged by all these I accelerated, forgetting that there’s a system in car called break.
and then I drove all over the univcersity campus
it was all empty, saturday it was
sooo i was the King of the road

She offered me to teach reversing the car…I myself tried, didn’t give her a chance…She asked me to take a right, but I swung left……Car went flying towards a gutter…

But i managed to stop it at right moment. She brought it back on to the road…scolded me like a true teacher.. and then after some more driving, it was time for us to leave.

I then turned the vehicle towards her house….It was travelling at a bit higher speed.

Suddenly there came chasing me…a BTS busssssss…..

I got scared and stoppped the car right in the middle of the road. Bus fellow started abusing me. There was a police man at a visible distance too.

She rushed out of the car and taken over the vehicle to her custody.

Remember…I didn’t have a icence, nor the car had any L board.

Thus ended abruptly my first driving class. I was happy at my progress..

And then next Saturday, i couldnt go in the morning as I was busy with my sister wedding shopping. Afternoon she got busy. She had to take her cousin to some exam to RTNagar. She called from RTNagar and informed me that she was free until her cousin finished the exam. “if u can come here, we'll drive on real roads at RTNagar”, she said. I agreed and went there beeming…like a proud peacock….

With the live traffic, I drove for over an hour…I was driving sooooooo good that I felt a great amount of pride for myself that day.

There were all small roads with cars being parked in front of all houses…one of the roads…oh! God! There was a lorry!! I avoided all those and swept past them skillfully, superbly and tactfully.
After all these, my teacher yelled "car odsodu kaltu bitte kano" (Boy! You learnt driving)

This made me overconfident of myself.

It was getting exciting as the hour flew. And i reversed the direction to give her the control back. She was also happy at my progress and at her teaching skills.

There we came across a wide road. Traffic was negligible on it though. I was driving very slow as I was exhausted and hungry.
There was a cross road and I saw a biker coming from the other part of it, he had to intersect my way.

So I slowed it down by releasing the accelerator completely. My car was going in a snail pace.
He too stopped realising me coming. I thought he'd probably wait till i cross, and mostly he too thought
the same.

I pressed accelerator, he accelerated too.

Both were against each other. and I got panicked. Instead of break, I pressed the accelerator.

And DUUUUSH.........

Me fled fast, She requesting me to stop. And the bike fellow fell down injuring himself.

Thank God it was not a direct hit. When the clash happened bike had almost passed. There was a pillion who carried a box of flooring tiles. We rushed back to see what happened to them. Pillion seemed severely injured and the bike was out of shape. And the tiles were all over the field, of cource, broken.

An auto guy was waiting like a hawk to scream upon me. My frind was shell shocked.

I had no option but to take that fellow to a hospital; I offered him the same.
They didnt accept it, all he wanted, me to accompany him to a place where they worked.

I went along with him, no option otherwise, to rajajinagar, to that tiles shop.

One good thing I did was, I asked my frnd to leave the spot immediate as she had to pick her cousin.

And I took this injured person on my bike.

Mind you i didn have a licence (LL, two wheeler four wheeler…none).

Thats m sobbing story

Just then I received a call from home querrying me to rush back since some marriage related thing was pending. But how would I explain them that I was struck in this stupid mess, unwarranted.

Hospital guys took an x-ray of the injured people, saying that they must wait for the doctor to assess the reports…... :(

And then i stuck a deal with the shop people, paid some money and got released from the hell.

Went to a temple and put some tappu kaanike before going home.

When I narrated the story at home, they asked me to stop trying my hands at driving.


OKOK... i know u had a good laugh at it

After the marriage, I silently joined a driving school, coughed up some money to those guys and got my license within a month.
And my friend, kept calling me for the classes. She had enough of the taxes on her as well, due to the hit, omni’s left portion was a bit dented. I finally showed her the license and drove her car again, this time, like a professional driver. :)


DIYA has asked me to thank all those who supported her and inform you that she finally made a successful appearance at DL test and she received her DL last Saturday(!!) And that she now officially had "License to Kill"!!

Licence to KILL series PART I PART II


anand balaji said...

Interesting piece:)
You've been blogrolled!

Prashanth M said...

elli nodidru driving puraanagale... first Diya kathe, next Mohan du.. eega nindu :)

Srik said...

Driving is a wonderful excercise, to start with...all have such brilliant(;)) experiences...

There is a column on VK being published once in a week, donno when...title of it "Ganyara caru purana"...exciting stories being put on it...Off late I've stopped following it though. Some stories are really funny....like the experiences of mohan, Diya and mine!! Ninna driving skills na yellargoo toristiya solpa? :D

Anand Balaji,
Honoured!! Thanks.

praneshachar said...

olleya experiences ondu
sankalanave madbahudu nodi
navakarnatakdavarige keli
girish avara kadeeinda
sunday 25th hogi deal madi
maja madi oota saha madi

good one srik really good one

M O H A N said...

LIEcensed to Kill?

LoL. Srik do you still drive - I mean the car? ;-)

Vani said...


Sadhyakke Bike Nomad aagideera, innu "Car nomad" yaavaga?

And please inform us of the roads you would be taking, in advance...
Radio Channels ge munche ne heLi warning kodisi roads khaali idisteeni!

Srik said...

Its a nice idea :-) Sadhya Navakarnataka avaru oDi hogde idre saaku namma lekhanagaLannu odi. Heheehe

m o h a n and Vani,

Onde kathe keLi neevu istondu hedari bitre hege????
I have not yet put some more posts on the same topic!!! ;)

I STILL DRIVE CAR, but I dont own one yet!!

And the foot note here is : People believe in my driving skills, since I show them my license(to kill).

Diya said...

Licence to copy kottila Srik ;) Beware ..... U never know when I would penalize u for this by taking you out for an exciting car ride alwaa???

And all those of you who've supported me.....THANX A TON :) U all have an open invitation to come for a car ride with me :)

Any takers??

mouna said...

yes, u are true, i had a good laugh!! ;)

papa ri, nimma friend... congrats for getting a 'license to kill'
nimma first victim, yaaragirabahudu?? :)

veena shivanna said...

bari inthaade story srik nimmadu, gaaDi odsodu elladru beeLodu.. hmm.. One common thing that needs to be observed here among all 3 driving chronicles is.
You pay money & Get license! The same MB members who speak about integrity etc., did that.. Not so good :-( !.. Srik, hushaaru!

Thank GOD I didn't go to driving school, my dad made me learn driving after he got the car. I was already driving a geared moped(of course with license) so it was not too difficult, neither too easy! He just wanted one backup driver at home so that he doesnt get treated as a chauffer everytime when my mother wants to go anywhere.

Srik said...


I have a copy of "License to COPY" with me yet...Hinge royality bagge blackmail madidre ond sala drive karkondu hogbekagatte Be warned :D


Since i frequent mostly around the corporation area and around 7:45 in the morning, it might even be you :P


Govt is thinking of a rule that the 4 wheeler license aspirants must come thru a driving school, how about that :)
And from Diya's case, its evident that even if you pay money, there is all probability that you fail. All that matters is drive slow and good.

My case, I had to drive with inspector sitting in the back seat, my guide was sitting next to me, but had no chance to help me. Upon that I had to drive on a live road, not on a ready made track.

You cant just throw off my attempts and hard work at getting a driving license.

Mysore roadnalli vehiclesee iralla, so neevu aramagi oDisbodu, yargoo hoDidira mathe licensooo easy. Aadre Bengaloorunalli hangalla tiLkoLLi :D :P

M O H A N said...


Am not afride to ride with you pal..just let me know before starting :-)

So paying the driving school for teaching elementary tricks is paying money and hits integrity?? New type of story this is! I totally disagree. So all people who had somebody to teach on own are people of high integrity - nonsence!


Veena Shivanna said...

Feel free to disagree & call it not-sense, I said paying to get DL & not teaching the elementary tricks. Usually people go through these driving schools mostly because they want to get their DL's easily & not 'just' to learn driving.

Srik, naan Mysore alle gaaDi odsidru, yaarno beeLsilla bidi athva yaargu dikki hod^dilla.. GOD bless me for it. Certainly it is not easy to switch from any other city to bangalore. Many of my friends who returned from US don't even dare to touch the steering.
Mohan, 'friends who returned back from US above excludes you' :-) pls don't jump the gun!

Srik said...

M O H A N,

How about this Saturday? In ur car? ;) :P

M O H A N said...

How did you decide I too belonged to that category pls :-). Those types dont even need to go thru driving tests - they just need to pay money and DL comes to doorstep. Kindly dont generalize pls.

Absolutely no problem. Just need funding for changing a few spares running to 4 digits. Let me know ASAP ;-)

Srik said...

OK Mohan, Done.

Lets have a clear agreement. Funding only for those parts which I break, not the ones you break..


M O H A N said...

Ok. Just transfer 6116 INR to my HDFC account no 599530235 and on confirmation will send an SMS to you!

Now I remember, it does not have a break. How NOT to break, when you dont have a brake??


Srik said...

even after reading the above post, if u consider that I use break, U R WRONG!!

I can drive car without Breaking also ;)

Artha ayta? :D