13 March 2007

Cricket Worldcup

Hope the smiles prevail and spread all over….Capture the Caribbean guys…
All the best for the world cup


praneshachar said...

kudos to all participating nations
and their players. let the spirit of sportsmanship win and the team which performs well and deserve it capture win
our sincere greetings and all the wishes to Men in Blue be that you Dravid and Co.,

anand balaji said...

I hope Greg's chipping and chopping and constant shuffling will be worth something.
I sincerely hope India wins the Cup; we've waited too long for an encore, haven't we?

Prashanth M said...

so for the next one and half months, country's productivity will go down :p

praneshachar said...

productivity will go down?
ivaglu ideya ha ha productivity
in what you are referring PM

WI nade a good beginning beating
PAK convincingly hope the spirit of the game continue