24 March 2007

Good Bye and Thanks for all the ad campaigns!!

Sachin Tendulkar, who is a parallel God to millions in India, has brilliantly let them down.

Sachin Tendulkar, who has close to 15,000 runs in one day cricket, failed to come up with 150 runs when it was most required.

Sachin Tendulkar, who earns billions of rupees thru advertisements, has brilliantly let billions of people down.

Sachin Tendulkar, who is supposed to bring nightmares to Shane Warne(Best bowler contemporarily), brought an outpitched delivary on to the stumps.

We have been drinking pepsis by litres, wearing adidas shoes, eating britannia bickies, riding TVS motor cycles.....We'll duly follow you in it!! Thanks for all those brilliant campaigns.
And, Good Bye, Sachin!!

A spine-less captain,
spirit-less subordinates,
spice-less sprinters,
cold blooded ‘youngsters’,
care-less ‘seniors’,
and an atrocious old man

are the things that is required to sink a beeming billion dream.

This was proved yesterday. Thanks a ton Mr. Dravid for this brilliant lesson. We've never been so fortunate!!

And Now, please carry home this gift…………..

With due love,

An Indian Cricket Fan (Yet)!!

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anand balaji said...

I am very depressed. The pen shirks from recording anything... the mind is blank.

May God bless us all in this hour of collective darkness.

mouna said...

god heavens!!

yella kaDe, ide discussion. well, it's time that we realise that we have something better in life to look forward to!!

u think so?

anand balaji said...

Well, mouna, you're absolutely right. We have to pick up the pieces and move on:(

Neela said...

'Due' credit must also be given to their sponsors who sponsored their daily needs to such an extent that they thought their mere presence on the field would suffice.
If we fans feel let down just spare a thought to all the unsold biscuits, motor-cycles,insurance policies,shaving gels,beverages,band-aids,TV sets, toilet -cleaners,oops!! 'soft' drinks...and their 'poor' manufacturers!!
Let us think of their predicament and feel content that atleast we have only spent time ,money and energy.We can curse the team and get on with life. Think of those who have invested crores in these jokers who will soon be ex-players..

December Stdu said...

Sachin is no Gavaskar !!! He just proved it. And, to think that he even talked about playing in 2011 world cup....hmmmm....

When you retire at your peak, when you retire when people still want you to play...well, that's different and I guess Sachin needed some real good lessons from Gavaskar.

Anyway, I am mourning...and I hope Bermuda does not beat Bangladesh today, that will be a pity if that happens.

Srik said...


How much ever we think in those lines, we have put a great amount of our energies behind them and time lost is lost in the dumps. We will not get our lives' honours, for all that happened!! I am still depressed and the state of mourning will duly continue.

Heros can become zeros in just a flash of time. No amount of blog spaces and no amount of our cribbing is enough to bring back our glorious state of mind. Its like one of our dear friends departed for ever. Im not sure if Cricket ever fascinates me to the extent it did all these days. :(

Well....Thanks everyone for being with me in the troubled times.

Srik said...

BTW, people,
God has answered all our prayers and Bangla has won against Bermuda.

Now, we can take part in world cup without any bias :D

Hail Sachin!!

Prashanth M said...

cool down Sir... :)

Priya said...

Hey saku kano.......
pappa even they struggled to win.... alva....
better luck next time ashte......
let us not put them down yaar......

Neela said...

Thanks for the visit.
I have translated that piece.
Cricket is a religion in India. And we arm -chair critics can't stop lamenting-no matter how hopeless the situation is.

Neela said...

Did you see the condition of the sponsors??
I am having a sense of redemption-(after having wasted many (hu)man-hours in watching those ads)the corporates have finally woken up to the fact that using celebrities as models is a double edged dagger.Similarly they should think twice before using those from the filmi-duniya.Who knows what they are actually up to!

Srik said...

Very wise words there.

People are seemingly not interested or not bothered about the actual clients. They are all upto making as much money as possible in the least possible time.

Where are we heading to?!!
Being the direct clients, sometimes we need to provide them with shock treatments, I guess.

oi said...

I feel no pity for these cricketers or their sponsors. Before leaving for the world cup they were elevated to such a level, what with all the naach-gaana about "cup leke aana" and all that shit.

I thank myself and Jadeja and Azhar and the match fixing controversy, because of which I stopped watching cricket altogether.