02 May 2007


I don’t generally understand the concept of celebrating one’s anniversary. Birth day, marriage day, Union day etc…

One thing behind it might be to go thru the major events that happened during the cource of the year gone past and learn from them… lessons.

If that exactly is the intension, why do people celebrate it? For another round across the Sun? Or just to remember the plights of them then?

Whatever the reason behind it, I feel, it’s the time to recollect the events, thank the people those helped us achieve whatever we did, if any, learn from facts and get on in lives. Basically, it is one day when one can say, “it belongs to me”!!

And, folks, today belongs to me!!

Yes, today is my first anniversary in the blogoworld. It seems it began yesterday….and….I am an year old already.

Welllll wellll…. A year is not a very big time if we consider the universe as a whole, but a human being…with a small life span, an year is a big thing…

Achievements : I have made a lot of good friends. Some friends whom I have met, some friends whom I have not yet met…. Some of them are elder to me… some younger… and some of my age..

Flashback : It all started with me reading and commenting on Sanjay’s Muktha blog. His random rambling went on to become a club of people’s discussion forum about Muktha the serial…and most of the times everything else… We had good debates, mind blowing factual learning, superb acquaintance with some regulars… And then there was one man who’s articles I was an avid reader of, Srivatsa Joshi on thatskannada portal. Then I decided to write a few lines on my village, at an apt time of Ramanavami. That post was published on thatskannada portal and got some good reviews too…

In a few days, I visited Hampi… and my emotional account of my visit came out in the form of an article that was intended to be sent to my friends. Then having seen Sanjay and Shruthi write articles, I thought of publishing it myself, thru my own blog.

Thus it started….. a jouney…I wish it goes on as long as I do....

There were times when I cribbed against some Govt. policies… or times when I took sides with one community… or times when I wrote somethings politically… or times when I wrote some things poetically….There were times when I ranted on some issue….there were times when I tested people’s patience by putting up lot many stories on the same subject…And were times when people were made wait to read a part of some story that was started in parts.

In all those times, all of the following people have stayed with me…commented and encouraged me to post the next one… I must Thank all of them(you) for this un-precedented support.

Shruthi, Harsha, Praneshachar, Usha, Anu, mouna, December Stud, Savita, Ashwini, vicky, usha, Gautham, K.Pal, Maddy, Sanjay M, SHEELA, Rakesh, Prashanth M, Raaji, Mohan, Chaitanya, Samudyuta, Vijay, bellur ramakrishna, reborn, Bhargav, AJEYA RAO, Sharu, child, Balaji, Gini, Prasanna L.M, opinionated indian, Pegasus, s.b., shark, Veena Shivanna. DutchDerk, Prashanth M, Mahesh, Deepshikha, tpraja, Shiv, sprash, Vani, ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ, VENU VINOD, Sundar, neela, Diya, ANAND BALAJI, Tttozz, astroshiva, bachodi, Mysorean,

Sometimes I used to feel it’s a huge responsibility to carry forward a blog over the time….An year has passed and it has progressed along with me… I have taken pleasure in presenting my stories to my readers(I rather call them friends), scribbling some things that I like to see… ending up writing nostalgic accounts of my childhood…and what not….

Now I realise…Its not a responsibility, its all about one’s priority and understanding. One need to love being a reder for being able to present various information in the most apalling way as a writer.

But one question remains….Why do you write? So as people read and Recognise you? Or people get to think for a moment in your point of view?

I feel the second answer is nearer to my interpretation of writing. Blog is a space where one can make his argument heard and felt, I think.

A recap of the year that was :

Un categorised article : SHE

Ramblings : Superstition, Iqbal Part II,

Scribbles : Aa yaa India…!, Good Bye and Thanks for all the ad campaigns!!, Reservation series, Kannada in Bangalore, Mercy upon one kills the nation as a whole!!,

Stories : Malgudi Days, Living Perplexed with a news, An unforgettable accident, Electing a chief minister

Maga series : Meghane Trek log, Licence to Kill series,

Visits : A small walk into the past...., Ramakrishna Kendra, Kuditini, Bellari, YaladUrina rAmOtsava, Kurudumale, Oh! It was a thriller!!!!!!, A blissful dread, Children for equality, Remembering Independence, A stranger that was not, Meghane,

Light ones : Juduciary, When I met a friend, Superstitious practices

Movie review : Mungaru MaLe

Apart from the above, there were celebration, tribute and gyaan sessions on this forgettable corner of a backbencher….

Thanks for all the wishes and blessings.


reborn said...

hey.. Happy anniversary !!

I think now you have graduated to front row from the back bench :) ..
keep blogging ...As ur blog has lot of vriety in its content ..and that s what I like in ur blog ..

ok ..ok... enough ..now where the party and when is it ?

bachodi said...

Congratulations, Happy anniversary saar... Heege bareetaanE iri.

Anonymous said...


congratulations on your anniversary.

- s.b.

mouna said...

nice to hear this, congrats!!

as for celebrating anything, don't u feel happy, for instance:celebrating the first birthday of your blog...

responsibility come with everything wonderful, we should enjoy it.

all the best!!! SK

Vijay said...

Srik, congratulations... look forward to more gems from the "back bench"

bellur said...

congrats on the first b-day!
feels great to visit here.

bellur said...



Vani said...

Happy Anniversary Saar!

heege saagali nimma payaNa.Look forward to more great posts from you.

Anand Balaji said...

Hearty congratulations Srik:)
You've come a long way... and have miles to go...
Tell you what, you're great to travel with!!!
God Bless You!

Mysorean said...


M O H A N said...

Congrats Srik!

Just continue the corner till it becomes the center of the universe!


Prashanth M said...

Congrats Srik!! way to go...

bellur said...

loved those videos you have taken at shankara mutt and featuring gurugalu!
thanks for sharing.

Srik said...

reborn, Thanks madam.
Front row….LOL J)) I have never been there!!

Hmmmm Party….welll….its only for those who update their blogs regularly…;)

Bach, Thanks dude.

s.b., Thank you J

responsibility come with everything wonderful, we should enjoy it.

well said, a responsibility is a thing of joy, if that comes to be shared with good friends, like you all J.

Yes, yes… it brings a hay feeling, anniversary I mean.

Vijay, you know something?
I wrote yesterday “ Blog is a space where one can make his argument heard and felt, I think.” and today morning I discovered your blog on DH..!

My prediction have come true in one night!! Cheers…..

Thanks for the wishes.

bellur, as always…playing with the words…ha? Thanks a ton for the wishes dude.

Vani, DhanyavadagaLu…J
Anand, “Tell you what, you're great to travel with!!!
Hey you ‘unknown’ co-traveler, thanks for the encouragement!!

Mysorean, Thanks J

M O H A N, centre of the universe….. That’s a great thought.

Prashanth, Thanks..!

A backbencher has traveled this far because of constant encouragement from all of you.

bellur, my pleasure!!

Veena Shivanna said...

You started with your post saying you don't understand the celebration of anniversaries, so I thought you might not expect any gifts so I din't make any comment at all.
One thing, you need to update is quite frequently & keep your posts interesting not too religious not too travelleous (only travel posts antha), and most importantly opinionated :-) rest everything looks fine... !

Veena Shivanna said...

It should be read as ,
One thing you need to do is update quite frequently.

neela said...

Congrats on modala huttida habba.

broadwaybabe said...

happy anniverary and any time you can celebrate do it thatts the point to have fun and make memorys

Shruthi said...

Srik, even I can't believe its already been a year! Congratulations, and keep going! :)

Srik said...

Veena, Yes…yes… Your points taken Madam.

neela, DhanyavaadagaLu..

broadwaybabe, welcome to the backbencher’s page. Yes yes… it can be considered as a milestone otherwise. And any celebration leaves bundles of memories….I ageree.

Shruthi, Thanks for the wishes. You were the fist one to discover, read and comment on the backbencher’s corner….I remember that!!

ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

happy birthday. writing is fluent and simple. keep it up.

praneshachar said...

good going srik keep the tempo your
writing capabilities are simply superb and as I have already indicated you can be official reporter for our group.
Your concern and coverage of various issues is amazing I simply adore your views and ofcourse the photos whereever you have put them.
your travel posts are a sort of guide to people who want to visit the places you have mentioned.
for trekkers it must a treasure of info. whenever you write on the trekking experiences in the post.
your committed and categorical stand on reservations and other social issues are well founded and I have enjoyed every bit of it and enriched a lot from the blogs including yours.
three cheers to you on the first anniversay and wish many many more
to follow and I pray let me be a part of these.
thanks for a wonderful journey you have taken me and others thro this blog of your's

Srik said...

Rajesh, Thanks!!

I am flattered, I must say. Thanks for being with me all thru. You have summarised my year's journey so well that I feel my self proud of being linked to MB.

Anonymous said...

nimma padpunjagaLa payaNa nirantharavagi saagali


Srik said...

DhanyavadagaLu :)

Diya said...

Belated CONGRATS :-)

Srik said...

Diya, belated Thanq ;)

December Stud said...

Congratulations dude !!! I hope to see more and more interesting and inspiring writings.

Srik said...

December Stud,
Glad to see you back. And thanks for the wishes and constant encouragement.