21 May 2007

AIDS, Sex education and vaccination : A thought

by Dr. Rajan

Dear friends,

First things first :
I do not want you people to take me for your e-consultant, please.
My intention of interacting with you is just stimulating a scientific angle to the traditions and customs that we have in us as a treasure. Please read TKDL csri site. You will understand the magnitude of our traditional medicine and the customs. The GOI is now is collecting all these from people like you and me and trying to keep it in the open source domain and establish the source owner ship. Any way, I have my own opinion about them, that can be discussed later.

Early in the morning we do Pooja. Aarathi and Mangalaarathi are usually a part of that. Why do we do it? Why do we wave the lighted camphor in a circular fashion, that too in a clock wise direction only?.
Have you thought over these things ? Keep guessing until next class (!).

For today please read this 'Bogale'

Social vaccine for behavioral AIDS:

Vaccines have done wonders so far in the history of human infectious scourges. True. But AIDS vaccine is more likely to prove itself as a social scourge than AIDS as such. None of the pandemic infections so far prevented by mass vaccination were related to Sex and sexual mal-behavior. AIDS, probably, is the only one which is most connected with sex. It also having prolonged incubation and the victim surviving for a long period and spreading the disease, unlike other killer disease which used to be fatal before spreading to too many people.

Billions have been spent in the public health and community medicine departments to bring around changes in the attitude towards sex. Counseling, training the counselors and sex-education and its trainers consumed an enormous amount of money. Sex education for school children and adults all over the world started with vigor. Awareness about perversions which were so far closeted and least talked about in the open, was taught to even children. The people were urged not to indulge in the forbidden pleasures and to follow the basic principles of infection control like commandments from heaven. School Teachers were forced to take up sex education classes to kids. Parents and teachers, who were shy and reluctant to answer questions on pollination, kiss and pregnancy had to teach what sodomy is and why it should be avoided at all costs. Children of today know more about abnormal sex and taboos, than affection, love and the value of blissful marital life. The time honored Rama-Seetha concepts have gone to background. What is left behind is only an obnoxious feeling about sex. After all this community based campaign against the evil, what we have achieved is nothing but education of the dirty habits. It was our sacred duty to create a nice world to derive the divine happiness in conjugal life; on the contrary we have successfully destroyed it.

Now if we proclaim from the top of the mountain we have successfully brought out an effective vaccine and say that the scourge is off the globe like small pox(!)……….. just imagine what will happen to the man’s monkeying-mind. Just remember what attitudinal change was brought around after the advent of Penicillin and infections associated with sex, like gonorrhea and syphilis were contained. The men and women started having more fun, an uninhibited one! This societal attitudinal transformation, especially in the West gave birth to biological mutation of the animal tumor virus to become a human pathogen and alas! it soon became a pandemic. This uncontrollable sociopathy can never be treated by any anti-AIDS drug or an effective vaccine. Only the drug companies and vaccine industry can really flourish (!). But the very fabric of a healthy society will be shattered, until probably the infection dies on its own (by gods grace) in the next hundred years. In this generation we are sure to witness only misery, a hell on earth, similar to what Adi Shankaraachaarya or Moses witnessed on earth in those days. Ask Mr. Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda, who has brought down the sexual pervasiveness remarkably by using ABC method. A stands for abstinence and restraint, B for being faithful and C for proper use of condom. This is nothing but a social vaccination. Probably the prevailing conditions in those by gone days inspired the social reformers to write the safety rules for the society and gave them in the form of scriptures, doctrines, mantras or commandments etc.
Only the Ten Commandments or the Shankara philosophy or any scripture for that matter can bring value to Values and save the human race from the AIDS of the society (!!)



M O H A N said...

Absolutely you are bang on point and right again.

We already have enough problem on hand. I have a collegue with diabeties. He has a similar attitude. Eat a sweet and pop a pill and forget the rest.By doing this he is increasing other risks!!!

Hope no country comes up with a vaccine like that. The problem is sufficient we dont need bigger problems..

praneshachar said...

I second mohan on this vaccinations in such cases may not cure may increase the other ill effects
a nice write up on a social awareness subject thank doctor

mouna said...

i had never never spent any time thinking in this direction!!

really, anything concerning goodness to mankind will always be utilised in the wrong sense. what the doc says is true.. it'll only lead to more complications...

but what about that percentage of people who will benefit from such a vaccine, i know i'm talking utopia, but a vaccine will surely help those people.