16 May 2007

A Documentary....

A Documentary by a backbencher.

I recently went there, trekking inside a forest.
I used my mobile, and created a documentary video of sorts.
There was no intension, nor there was a ready script to do so.
At sun rise, may be, I wanted to test my mobile's capabilities.
It has been stretched to complete 3 minutes.

Hey you, stop laughing, its my voice from behind, I know :D

It has come thus, please do check and let me know if my effort was worth it.
- Srik.


December Stud said...

Nice !!! Very beautiful....and divine.

Green is fabulous, always !!! And the music of the birds were awesome.

And, that was your commentary, huh ? It's just that it probably would have been closer to heart if that was in Kannada :)

bachodi said...

Good one saar,
Did you have your commentary prepared ? or you just told it spontaneously ?

Srik said...

Yes...yes...how I cribbed later for not giving the voice in Kannada. well...next time ;)

Thanks saar ;)
No...it was not a ready script, Did u feel so? I guess it should've been better, clear and in Kannada, I agree.

praneshachar said...

just superb green is always dear to heart,and nothing more superior than mother nature. simply awesome srik keep going.................going and we all will watchingooooo and radingoooooooo
kannada vivarane bandre innu chenna

Prashanth M said...

saar can you send it by mail??

mouna said...

greenery and the orchestration of birds, amazing...

god work!! :)

Vijay said...

Srik: Very well done... you can never be quite prepared for this... considering this your commentary is commendable...

ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

That was a good one. impulsive video and commentary. good attempt.

Srik said...

pranesh avare,
Thanksooooooo.Ee baari Kannadadalle matadidini.

Check ur e-mail.

Next I must be born as a biology student, to learn about those trees, plants and birds.

Condemnable aldidre saku.... Thanks.

Thanks very much.