07 May 2007

Spider Man Kills

He is a man who rescues every child from every absurdity. He safeguards citizen in trouble. He is a demigod in New York that every daemon is afraid off. He is a man with no enemies. All the wrong doers are afraid of him and others are aware of his riches. All feel safe thinking…”Spidy is there”!!

A genuine notion of ‘Spiderman never kills people’ is a New Yorker’s religion.

But some strange parasite infects him, spreads across his spider suit. This amplifies the spider powers and adds a darker shade to the personality called The Spider Man and also to the man Peter Parker, who does the spider act. This transforms both into powerful men. Spider & Parker then go on a vengeful drive.

And then how Parker does shed the dark parasite, wins his girl friend (Mary Jane, who had drifted from him, owing to his ignoring her due to his spider man heroics) and some emotional stints with a lost friend, Harry Oswald, forms the rest of the story.

Add to it some flashbacks, some breath taking graphic sequences, some fun intended personalities, some hip frolicking song sequences….some emotional scenes with a granny, giving lessons about Love and a happy marriage…….And an enemy, a not so convincing, but good hearted enemy….to add to it… all the spider man haters join together and attempts to kill him. Whole exercise is telecast live on a television….

Are you sighing enough?....There is much more…If interested, please go and check it out yourselves…

There is a big hype in India about the release of Spider Man 3, that interested me to go and check out…I was totally disappointed, I must say.

A Complete Masala stud Telugu movie would’ve been that, I thought at the end. This one was pretty long, without any particular story, logic or any enthralling scenes.

One saving grace here was, it was not boring at any given moment, and the actors have not disappointed, but a weak script, wrong timing and over dose of sequences frustrates you. I didn’t see even one child in the hall screaming aloud over any scene, I guess, their summer time would’ve been better spent in front of a cartoon network instead.

Some better things about it all - Back ground scoring is good. It has a villain that no one had ever thought of before…a sand man…concept of a sand man stands good, but the main purpose of having him in the plot sucks. Some comic relief is also in store with a hyper active editor of The Daily Planet.

All in all, the spider man failed to move me, for the lack of the thrill of fighting with a Spidy, or the feel of baddies taking over me…Spidy help.??

I have not seen the first two parts of Spider Man. Probably I would’ve liked them better.

If you consider my advice, better not waste your 100 bucks(or more) over a spider man who doesn’t want to enthrall you.

Rajiv Masand doesn't agree with me.

My Rating : POOR.


mouna said...

you seem to be dissapointed with the attempt.

well, i wanted to see it. aadre, i simply can't for 2 reasons: one, exams, and two, your rating ;)

seems like all sequels to sequels turn out to be damp ones!

M O H A N said...

Looks like even hiring the DVD for a weekend is worth it.. ok will wait for Z-studio or Star to showcase this then.


reborn said...

good ..somebody grees with me .. it s too hyped here...

Why cant they make a good "Phantom - the ghost who walks" movies instead of spiderman ...

Srik said...

mouna, welll if u have no other alternative, you can still go ahead and get ur self stripped off some hundred bucks. :D

m o h a n, better watch it if u still want to, Star or Z-studio... cant say when that happens.

reborn, Phantom is my favourite super hero too :)

I remember those days when Phantom was telecast on DD at 9 o'clock... oh! those days.

Prashanth M said...

I told you... I asked you to come on a ride to Magadi instead... nanna maatu kelididdre... :D

Srik said...

Yeah...ninna mathu kelidre at least bumpy roadnalli bennu murisko bahudagittu ;)

bachodi said...

Thanks for the post saar,
You have saved my time. I did not like previous sequels too.

Srik said...


you better check out a gyaptan movie. ;)