14 June 2007

Where have you disappeared?

Where have you disappeared?
Into the jungles of loneliness?
Into the mangling crowd of the civilization,
Or into the drains of virtual ness,
Where have you disappeared?

I was waiting.
Waiting to feel the sooth,
Understand the reality,
Join the eternity..
Where have you disappeared?

There is hale all around.
There are violins singing for me,
Angels touching me, birds waving for me
wind carrying the aroma of Laurels;
With stars leading the way.
Where have you disappeared?

Dances of the Daffodils, screams of the ocean,
Slurry of the waterfall, valley of bliss,
Cheeky mountains, sunny privies
All asking me...
Where have you disappeared?

Chirps, children,
The new blossom,
The green hill,
Pond next to the temple,
Aroma from jasmine..
All are fading away
Where have you disappeared?

Come back, and come back soon.
Let there be joy in the mountains,
Let there be fun in the water,
Let there be ruth in the valley,
Let there be eternity in the
Fragrance of lilys.
Come back soon.

- Srik.

* Note : Expressing myself with a prose was not possible, my state of no admonishing wait...
I dont know what happened, but...let me not try explain it to you again. I fail miserably.. Read the poem and get it yourself.



Arni. Vani said...


Dont fall into that trap pf depression.....it is a silent killer...

M O H A N said...

Depression and srik!!!!

I dont think so...he has got mungaru male reverse ear worm synadrome thats all!!

Srik...get the english teacher going soon. I remember the teachers club soda now.

reborn said...

If you tell us who s it , we can help to find the missing one :) ..

bellur said...

the last line of the post is really encouraging! thanks!

bellur said...

forgot to add... lovely poem.
somewhere in the background, i could hear the lines being sung by a beautiful voice with mild sounds of guitar and chirping of the birds.

December Stud said...

Ditto Suparna....

Violins singing for you, huh?!?! Nice....

bachodi said...

Yaakri ..? enaythu ?

Anand Balaji said...

Move over Eliot, Srik is in the house!!!

Marvellous effort buddy.

It's true that sadness brings out the best in us in terms of creativity, which is why I ALWAYS prefer to see the dark side of things:)

veena shivanna said...

srik,hope things are fine.! take care.

Srik said...

Nothing phenominal, still, ..was feeling tired.. nothing escalating, still, a feeling of being under-stress!!

Nothing to worry, I tell you!!

Thanks for your comments.

arpz said...

its a nice poem, can be interpreted at various levels ... and it sure is touching.

Anand Balaji said...

This poem reminds me of some of AK Ramanujam's works. Remember, he was a stalwart; and that's precisely what I think you'll turn out to be, if and when you decide to pursue your passion for writing full-time.
All the best!