29 June 2007


When on Ninety-nine, one doesn’t feel all that good. I know, and have that experience. For that 'One' run makes all that difference. Hundred is a relief, and a great feeling.

Frustrating Ninety-nine usually fools people off. Some batsmen get out meekly at this score. Some old people die at Ninety-nine.

For people who cross 100, they care little for further things, either hit or get hurt. The world starts from one for them, then.

And from today, I will be in that league too. I will start afresh, with a feeling of getting past a milestone, with loads of experience and good amount of learning.

Nope...I'm not turning 100 yet, but the backbencher's page is getting to be 100 posts older now...

Well.. I complete a HUNDRED with a beautiful poem written by my friend. A poem that speaks out my heart felt feeling, that is straight from heart for that special person..for that special ingenuity!!

This poem was published in a Hindi magazine some time ago. I am glad that this is making its presence on backbencher's page also!

Rakesh... Thanks buddy!
- Srik.

" मै क्यो लिखू ? "

क्या __
जरूरी है, लिखना तुम्है समझाने को
इतने नादान भी नही तुम कि
बुझ ना सको मेरे पैमाने को ।

क्या __
माँ ममत्व लिखकर दर्शाती है,
नही _ वो तो कलापों से ममत्व झलकाती है ।

क्या __
भंवरा लिखता है अपने अफसाने को,
नही _ वो तो केवल गुनगुनाता है प्रॆम दर्शाने को।

क्या __
पतंगा लिखता है अपना प्रॆम किसी परवाने को,
नही _ वो तो सहर्ष जल जाता है अपना प्रॆम दर्शाने को।

तो मै क्यो
लिखूँ तुम्हें बतलाने को
तुम भी तो इतने नादान नही कि
बुझ ना सको मेरे पैमाने को ।


Prashanth M said...

A hundred by backbencher!!

Congrats and way to Srik...

Anand Balaji said...

Congrats! And I suppose a party is in order:)
Stupendous effort. The thing I like about your blog is that every post teaches me something I never knew before. Hats off to your vitality and immediacy in providing such info.
Here's wishing you another eventful 100:)

Priya said...

hiii.congrats...1oo and counting....

bachodi said...

Cooooooooooooool Congrats .. for 100. keep coming

Arni. Vani said...

Congrats Sir....

Thanks for the entertainment, and keep going.

Srik said...

The poem I've posted here infers I need not write further to make u feel better, right? ;)

I mean, I believe in heart-to-heart communication!!

Thanks for all the wonderful words. Party...huh! Any time!! ;)

M O H A N said...


A 100th post!!!


mouna said...

all the best for all the centuries to come :)

rk said...

Shataka baarisida Shrikanthanige Shubhashayagalu!

Anonymous said...

Tum likho kyon ki hum chaahathe hai tum likho aur yunhi likhte raho :-)

btw, Congrats for making a hundred..


December Stud said...



hIge innU barItA iru guruve...majaa baratte.....

Kadalabal said...

first century beginning wish you to go by leaps and bounds for next centuries and shatakagala holeye hariyali atmeeya shuhbhashyagalu srik
doni sagali munde hogali.....tarali namage postgala male kodali yellarigu anandada aleale


Srik said...

Thanks for the wishes.

I thank Dr. Rajan also for his contributions in me make it 100.