28 June 2007


I never thought I would some day write about a Telugu movie. But here I am..since I liked it a lot!!

The movie is aptly titled ‘Godavari’.

A melodrama that slowly unravels before you with a fascinating back drop.

It is a usual love story, threaded with emotions, effervescent comedy, a hero with a purpose, modern day lady, a cynical depiction of politicians, a criminal amidst good people, and many more masala…

But this also has a fathoming beauty about it that wins one’s heart. Yes, I mean this is a movie for one’s heart, not to the mind. You will feel satisfied and happy at the end of it all.

Plot of Godavari is..

An MS from USA, wants to get on to social service in India. He treis at some political parties. As predictable, a politician resume needs more things, than just interest, and the parties ignore him. But he is hopeful of a turnaround, and continues with his local servicing acts. He is our hero here.

He has a friend in his uncle’s daughter Raji. Her marriage is now fixed with some Ravindra, an IPS officer. Our hero, Raam wants to marry Raji, and Raji has not arrived at a decission in this regard. She is such a character that she cant decide any thing on her own. She always has a dual mind over anything.

In a parallel depiction, a modern day adventurous lady is growing in an other part of the city. She wants to be a self-sufficient lady, doesn’t want to settle down easily in life. She is of that flair that she would like to see her as a mature woman, unlike the work-draw salary-make home kind of.

Out of her parent’s pressure, she zeros in on a guy, who has only one request to get the marriage done in Bhadrachalam. But the guy rejects her. She however wants to take a Bhadrachalam trip, over Godavari river on a boat.

Co-incidence here is the family of Raji with Raam and others are also on the move in the same boat towards Bhadrachalam for her marriage. And the real fun starts here.

Daily lives of the locals in and around the boat has gotten realistic presence in it. Their attitudes has been shown with their local language. Direction and screen play gets gripping from this point.
Raam is broken heart as his sweetheart is getting married to a different person. At this juncture, Seethamalakshmi, the heroin gives him good company. Both of them get closer as the journey progresses… Seetha gets attracted towards the mannerisms and attitude of Raam, that matches brilliantly with hers own. As and when she would go forward in expressing her feelings, a twist occurs and that breaks her heart.
Twist is..Rajy approaches Raam and declares that she wanted to marry him, to his surprise. And appearantly he seems to have agreed to this proposal, as he always wanted to marry her. He leaves the boat at a place and asks Rajy to wait for him in the next stop, where they could get married. With some strange turn of events, Seetha gets involved in this affair. She has a feeling that Raji is not suitable for her hero, by any means!

However, they all wait at the next stop, Raam never turns up. But the boat arrives with worried parents and people about the safety of the missing bride. Rajy at this moment, changes her mind and asks Seetha to forget what happened. Seetha, though happy that Raam and Rajy are not coming together, develops a sad feeling that Raam has betrayed her by accepting to marry Rajy and not turning up there.

They all reach Bhadrachalam, and Seetha returns to Hyderabad in a bus this time, gives no chance for Raam to explain the matters.

However, Raam finds a dairy of Seetha in the boat, gets to her house on return to Hyd, and declares to her all that he had to… and they unite at the end, as a victory of true love.

Though simple is the plot, the melodramatic narration and a different romantic feel will take you to a fantacy world. The slow paced narration makes you feel as if we are traveling along the boat…
An attractive movie. If you can get your hands on it, try to watch and get asorbed in a different romantic world of Godavari.


neela said...

Hero,heroine,director peru raayundi reviewer gaaru

bachodi said...

guess I have seen this story n some other movie .. I shall check my database and getback to you.

Srik said...

Details as follows :

Cast: Sumanth, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Neetu Chandra, Tanikella Bharani and others
Music: Radha Krishnan
Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Lyrics: Veturi
Choreography: Swarna
Action: Ram Lakshman
Executive Producer and Chief Assistant director: Anish Kuruvilla
Produced by: GVG Raju
Story, screenplay, and dialogues and directed by: Sekhar Kammula

Another movie? May be, but here, story plays a very little part, but the presentation and the very Telugu kind of picturisation makes it a special movie

neela said...


Anonymous said...

Details are interesting,It is indeed a very nicely doen movie.

surprisingly i have always dreamt of travelling to that location (Bhadrachalam) by boat, as i hav heard its an awesome journey and a scenic place.


Srik said...

To add to the scenic majesty, a melodramatic touch gives the movie a different fragrance altogether!