15 June 2007

Mind boggling Sirimane falls

Rajesh Naik referred to a pic in one of my old posts, and thus reminded me of a wild experience that I went thru last year. Thanks Rajesh.

Following is an account of this experience of mine.

Attempt : We were three, I was adamant on trekking to this falls, and my friends were not in line with me, since it was pouring like anything. So, I took up the task of enquiring at the autowalahs if they could take us there. I was disappointed to hear a "NO", all of them I asked, replied the same. So, I resorted, but I hatched an agreement with my friends to accompany me till Kigga at least, we were in Sringeri, and this was on Aug14th, 2006.

Reason for these autowallahs not falling in line with me was, bad roads and rains!!

Kigga : Disappointed, we took a bus to Kigga. Visited the temple, had good time walking on the lichen infected temple complex. I was still thinking of a miracle, that would enable me to reach Sirimane.

Wet temple complex at Kigga

In the process, I made some friends with a few localites. I explained them how I wish to travel to Sirimane falls in rains..They told me that it was dangerous to walk all the way without any guide, it would be just 6Kms though. But they told me that there was an auto driver, lone in that village, who could take us there in his auto.

Instantly my ears got straightened, I said help me find him... Shopkeeper in front of the temple gave me his phone number, also called him from his shop itself, since our mobiles were out of the coverage area. I requested the auto guy to take us there, he asked us to wait for 30 mins before he reached Kigga.

I was jumping with joy, but was still thinking of a rain walk all thru the 6KMs, that was not to be, with some moronic partners. At least got a chance to furnish my dream of bathing in a waterfall with rains blessing from above!!

We waited, and it was taking my breath away..I suggested we be walking down, let the autowalah come and pick us on the way. All rejected my offer. Lo! He came..and we started.

Auto Journey : On the way, we saw a survey team doing something near a school building at a small village. We didn’t stop to enquire, but continued. Rains started, this time heavily.

My friends started cribbing, "See...this journey is getting wilder and you wanted to walk all the way.." and then some abuse!!

Roller coaster Auto ride

Road was, in fact, it was not a road, just a path in the wild...was getting smaller as the time flew. Auto's wiper was split into two pieces, at one place where a branch from a dangling tree kissed it. And we still had some 4KMs of journey pending.

With the lash of rains, and virtually no path bellow…auto was traveling without even the glass wiped for the driver to see the road ahead. This one was a good chap, he had traveled on that road innumerable times, so as he could drive without having to see the road. And so he did.

At a point, he ordered us to get down and push the auto. We got down and did what our friend wanted us to do. It was a small boulder like peak, which, he knew was impossible for an auto to crawl up. This small exercise made us get wet like anything..and again my friends started where they had left last time… for me asking them to walk all the way along these wild paths! Huh!

We started again… Our friend telling us how they spend time during the raining season. By now, I had opened the window (these parts put some zinc shield on both the sides to protect travelers from getting wet). It worsened the matter and our ‘water proof’ jackets started showing their real colours.

Bearing all these things, he stopped… at a place that had a small hut like structure, with “Sirimane” being written on it. It was not open, nor we saw anyone there. He told us we needed to walk down to the falls from there. A small 200mts trek was in offer, at least. I was anticipating a small waterfall with a sufficiently enough place to bathe, from what I had read and known about the place.

Trek to the waterfall

Waterfall : Oh! But I was mesmerised at what I saw there.. a waterfall, small but roaring! We were at almost 300mts away from the actual rock from where water jumped, but that didn’t spare us from its gigantic spree. Had I gone a step ahead, the gushing water would’ve washed me away. To add to it, started the downpour from the heavens. The moment flabbergasted us.

Water on wild hunt

It was getting wild and thrilling! I found a sufficiently stronger stick to hold as a support to enter the water; I put it in, as soon, it was bundled into pieces, by the sheer energy of running water. I survived this jolt by a whisker. Huh!

The moment was simply monishing.. I sat there, finding seemingly a rock, facing the waterfall. Sat there listening to the flush it made, admiring nature’s ultimate drive, I thanked God for making it possible for me to travel till there and getting a chance to visualise the spectacle thru my naked eyes.

Bewildering Waterfall

If I were a poet, I would’ve created 1000 verses on it, but wouldn’t have described it enough. Moment was such electrifying, never before kind of joy eluded in me.

Now it was my turn to return the words to my friends. I told them that their cribs were all washed away in the rush of water… the risk we took, and we should’ve taken were and would’ve been really worth them. They seemed agreeable to my point about it.

We spent some time in that wet condition, and reluctantly returned back. Autowalah had given us an ultimatum of 30 mins, but we took over an hour to be back.

Oh! Given a chance, I’d, any day, wish to rush back here, and spare myself of all the deadlines, conf calls, multiplexes and all.

Me can hear that roar of water, even now…sitting here. It’s etched there, in my mind, forever.

Return Journey : Our return journey to Kigga was as eventful as the forward journey. As we were reaching Kigga, there was a police enquiry that we went through. That fellow was about to scream out at us, for going in without prior permission, and he suspected us of being associates of Naxals. Our local friend offered a help, and dealt the matter proficiently. Also, we learned that the surveyers we found on our forward journey were actually the cops to fight Naxals.
We thus returned, to safe lands, with bundles of memories and spellbound joy.

Appreciation : Just have a look at the snaps, we dared take out the camera in rains, tried all the circus items to keep it un-wet. But, miserably failed at it. The good camera turned out to be strong too, for it sustained all the hard living we offered it.


ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

Good to know that you managed to visit the falls on that day despite all the negatives around you. your experience made it a good read.

It is a stunning picture. Though I had guessed it to be Sirimane, I still had doubts,,because the amount of water in that pic was too much. I had been there during August 2003 and water level was less compared to your picture. My picture can be seen at the following link.


Arni. Vani said...

Zimbly Amazing!

bachodi said...

Oorella sutthadta iddira anni...
Channagide :-)

mouna said...

u ask us to appreciate, can we not do that? ;)

it must have been exhilarating, a visit to a waterfall during the rains! aha! what pleasure..

Kalyan said...

Some nice shots & it was interesting reading your experience.

neela said...

A journey on Vasco-Londa rail route during the monsoons about 3 years ago...
The water from Dudhsaagar falls ...
There was a huge spray into the compartment..

reborn said...

Good experience !! LOL

It s very close to my grany s place ...but have nt been there..Must go next time .pictures look very good .

M O H A N said...

Man, You have done some of the greatest treks and living to tell those tales... I shudder at the tought of spending a couple of nights in police hostpitality!!

Priya (mpriya@wordpress.com) said...

An experience to remember...looks like you had a blast while travelling and at the falls.. nice pics...

Anonymous said...

I guess that must be an amazing trek..
I jst love to watch these waterfalls :-)


Prasanna L.M said...

nice place and nice article.. keep rocking..

rk said...

sirikanth, sirimane falls chitra nodi naavoo sirivantharadevu! :D

great pics and narrative. may u trek more wonderful places in the future!

Prashanth M said...

super adventure Srik. Nice photos...
Added to the list of 'to be visited palces'

And about Doodhsagar falls, heard that thats also a beautiful one...

Srik said...

You reminded me of that wonderful experience by enquiring about the picture.
Thanks a ton for making me document it.

These stories are just a part of the joy that we experience. To derive maximum pleasure, you must make some time to visit there. You will be bewildered too.

It takes nothing more than a 10hour journey to reach there, from here. It must be closer to Mangalore.

Yes, awesome! I wish I be a part of such thrillers every now and then!!

Thank you! Your stories from Kolkata are as good.

wow! Let me try this Konkan rail experience this monsoon.

Its must a visit place for all the waterfall lovers. Sad thing, you know. Naxals have haunted this place now :(

M O H A N,
Uh! Police hospitality! yenthaa haraike(bayake) saar nimdu! Touch wood.

yes...in deed it was a super day.

I too love waterfalls, watching in pictures and in real.

welcome back! And thanks.

nimma sirivanthikeyannu namagoo swalpa hanchi saar ;)

Dude, when are we going there? ;)

prasca said...

Unknowingly i went to sirimane falls in 2004. 1 of my most favorite falls. Thanx srik for wonderful writing